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Hello,im only having a problem with one game. That is my NBA 2K11 when i put it in it has started to freeze up at the start menu and will not let me go any further. None of my other games have this problem. I have tried and lens cleaning disc but it did not help. So please any suggestions i am really missing play the best sports game ever. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Could be a hard disk issue, or perhaps you need to restore your file system in the case of corruption. Check out this link and use the Restore File System option... if you are comfortable in this menu... be careful, since there is an option to wipe out the entire hard drive... more details are on the link.

    Post back with results.
  2. Lastman3 said:
    None of my other games have this problem.

    The simplest answer: you might have a dirty disc. Give it a good cleaning and then try again.

    The other simplest answer: your disc might be scratched. How does the bottom look? If it's in good shape, then it might be a hardware/software problem -- in which case I'd say go with Brandoncatz's solution.
  3. Oh, man. That's a good point. I sometimes forget that the bottom is just a buffer between the data and and the open air.

    However, scratches do occasionally refract the laser and prevent the data from being read.

    Either way, it wouldn't hurt to take a close look and see if scratches are your problem.
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