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Problem with ABIT BE6II -AGAIN-

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a b V Motherboard
March 6, 2001 6:36:04 PM

Pardon for the message before written.

As my English I already said it is quite bad, I will try to explain to myself better with a translator.

I possess an ABIT BE6II and recently I have acquired two DIMMS 168-pin of 256 MB each one.

My alone ABIT recognizes 128 MB for each DIMM.

Alone I can use the DIMM 2 and 3 because the fan covers me the DIMM 1.

I have proven these DIMMS in a badge QDI it bases and it detects 512 MB.

The pattern by heart is SAMSUNG K4S5625A6M-TC75
2001-02 SDRAM-C
DIMM256 PC-133 MHZ
The alone DIMM has modules by heart in a side.

Do I need some special configuration in the ABIT so that the 512 MB recognizes me?

Some types are not compatible by heart?

If somebody has this problem and he/she knows as fixing it he/she would thank him that communicates it to me.



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a b V Motherboard
March 6, 2001 6:53:11 PM

Have you tried putting one of them in the first bank?

"akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
a b V Motherboard
March 6, 2001 8:03:58 PM

If I have been able to put one in the first bank i anything, I continue with the same thing.
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a b V Motherboard
March 6, 2001 8:10:07 PM

Ok, there is only one thing left in the BIOS, i dont remember exact location, but find anything that says "boot with memory >64 megs", or something like that. I remember enabling it in order for PC to detect 128 megs stick. If that will not help, then i am out of order with this one :( 

"akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
a b V Motherboard
March 6, 2001 8:46:46 PM

I don't see any similar option, but thank you for your help.

I have a small theory on what happens.

The ABIT doesn't support the DIMM of 512 MB reason why I believe that alone 128 MB recognizes for each side of DIMM and my memoirs have 256 MB in a side.

Perhaps I am saying a foolishness, but I am not happened another thing.
March 18, 2001 9:52:21 AM

Mateu, your problem is that the BX6 does NOT RECOGNIZE 256 Mb DIMMS! The largest memory DIMM it will recognize is 128Mb per DIMM slot (for a total of 512 Mb that MUST USE 4 slots). Sorry, you cannot fix this problem.