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Can't delete Program Data folder...?

Hi I hope someone can help me out here. I recently bought an SSD so I installed Windows 7 64 bit on it. Everything's running well. I moved a lot of folders around on my RAID0 HDDs just to make things simpler - like putting the music, movies, pictures folders in the first tier as well as Steam, etc. I deleted the Windows folder, Program Files etc since the RAID is now basically just media storage. But I ran into problems.

First problem was I couldn't delete the Users folder, there was two files right at the end (inside a secuROM folder) with long funky names (wierd characters) that "could not be found" or something. I ended up managing to delete them in command prompt by navigating to the folder and using dir /a /x /p and then the del command on their "8.3 names" (I just learned to do this minutes ago).

Now the next issue is the normally hidding Program Data folder. I deleted the majority of stuff in their, but the Microsoft and Norton folders are undeletable. I tried the same things as before in command prompt but no success. Using dir /x /p /a shows a list containing a few junctions in it - my guess is that maybe these are causing an issue? Also, the Norton folder doesn't appear to have an "8.3 name".

The other thing is that the error message says "You require Administrator priveledges to make changes to this folder" and obviously I am the administrator, but only in this windows install. Since I already deleted the previous install, well, not much I can do about that it would seem.

So, how in the world can I delete this folder??

I just did "take ownership" (dled a registry entry to do this) and it went on for a while, apparently there's a lot of data in there that doesn't show up even with "show hidden files" enabled... but it still won't let me delete.
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    What I would do is backup any data on there I want, then format it, no more left overs.
  2. I can't, I don't have anywhere to backup to. Only think I can think of is possibly I could set up a partition in the empy space and move it there, format the original partition, then move everything back and delete the new partition. Is that possible?
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    You could also burn to DVD's and format, this way you can read the DVD's and be sure you won't loose anything.
  4. Well, there's a few hundred gbs of data there so definitely not willing to spend the time to burn everything. I'll see if the partition thing works tonight I guess. I'll be choked if I accidentally lose it all but... well, whatever. Thanks. I've never really made a partition myself but I'll see what happens. Maybe I'll even keep it, use the first 150gb for games and the rest for general media...
  5. Alright so it took a looong time but I managed to do it. The easy part was shrinking D: drive and adding E: partition. Moving the ~200gb took about an hour or so (the estimate was 4+hrs lol). Managed to delete the original D: partition as well as the "system reserved" partition that Windows would have made.

    I ran into a little trouble tho, I thought if I extend the E: partition it would all work out, and a simple disk defrag/optimize would move the files to the fastest part of the HDDs. Turns out that's not the case, as it extends the back side of the partition, which mean the front half of my HDDs was the back half of the partition lol. Took some tinkering to shrink it back down to end at the end of the HDDs again, then made a new partition at the front and had to transfer everything back over to that one, and then deleted the E: partition. Worked, though it took me most of the night to finish lol.

    So anyway, problem solved thanks for the replies :D

    I'll give the "best answer" to jonmor because of the formatting idea.
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