Cannot connect my Xbox via wireless network

It's my first time connecting to Xbox live via wireless router. I have enter my IP adress in my Xbox and it still won't connect. I have unplugged and plugged my router many times and still no luck. I know I have internet up cause I am able to connect via my laptop. Please someone help....
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  1. well, it might just be the words that you used but, you said you entered your IP in your xbox? which IP? router's IP? you usually don't need to do this step

    what wireless adapter are you using on the xbox side? I know older xbox models don't have wireless adapters by default, not sure about newer ones (I'm not updated on gaming news)

    did you put in your wireless SSID into your xbox? This would be the same "network name" that you connect to on your laptop.

    did you put in the required security passphrases (wep, wpa, wpa2)? you would have had to enter this on your laptop too.
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