Star Trek Online and Crossfire

Hello all, I've searched for this online with no definitive fix (that I like) and was wandering if anyone here had a similar issue and maybe have a fix for it.

I was running all my games at medium high settings but wanted to take it up a notch, so a month ago I bought a 2nd Radeon HD 5850. After a slightly rough startup getting it running (thanks to fellow Tom's Forum Members) it works great in all of my games except Star Trek Online.

I know AMD cards don't work well with STO, but I've got the settings with a single 5850 that will let me play for hours with no problem, but as soon as I activate crossfire under CCC the game will crash in 5-10 minutes, even at the same graphic settings that worked flawlessly with the single 5850, or settings set to absolute minimums in game.

My crossfire setup works great with no stutter at all in Battlefield Bad Company 2, Furmark (multi-GPU), Dragon Age Origins, Rome Total War, and several other games set to max/near max at 1920x1080. I really think this is a problem with AMD/crossfire and Star Trek Online.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Try running the second card you purchased on its own see if the fault duplicates, also load the profiles from ati helps sometimes, if not try a clean start run driver sweaper in safe mode remove all the amd\ati drivers then reboot load the 11.2 plus profiles from ATI might help.

  2. I tried the one card by itself and ran great, but haven't tried the latest CAP or 11.2. I'll give those a shot.
  3. Again last night I confirmed that the single card ran fine and it did for half an hour no issue. I enable crossfire again and then the crashing resumed within minutes.

    I updated driver using the proper method of uninstalling, sweeping, reinstalling, checked the CAP was up to date and still the problem remained.

    I got to thinking about the whole 'system' and not just the video card, drivers, and the game. I've got my system set to where Firefox always loads with Google in one tab and YouTube open to a video in my 'favorites' in another. I'm not a huge fan of most game music, so I have a playlist of 50+ songs that I roll through no matter what game I'm playing.

    I am aware that many YouTube videos cause my primary card to run at 400/900 MHz core/memory, but I use AMD GPU tool to force it to my factory overclock max of 775/1000 to match the second card so I figured I was OK. If I didn't do this it would cause a slight but highly annoying jerking in all my games, but everything ran fine with this 'fix'.

    Out of desperation I changed my startup routine so that FireFox would not load on startup, restarted the computer, ran STO and played for an hour with Crossfire enabled with zero crashes.

    There is still the well documented issues that exist with AMD cards playing STO, but at least I can play now without crashing, which is great.

    Thanks for the help!
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