A7V133/Bios Problem?

I have an asus a7v133. I got everything working great then I had a problem trying to fine tune windows. I ended up reformatting hd just cause it was so easy the first time, now I'm having problems. my bios reports the hd as 33gb instead of 46.1 (ibm deskstar 45gb) and I cant fix it. I wpould like to get the bios/cmos back to the way it came from factory cause when I first plugged it in it recognized hd fine as 46.1 gb w/no ez bios installed. Can I get sytem back to scratch? When I f5/restore defaults at bios it doesn't really put everything back to the way it was before i started. I just want to put it back to the way it was before i touched it so i can start over again. I am sitting here waiting for a response so anyone that can help right away would be great. I'm losing it quickly Help! Thanks, Ron
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  1. FDisk it to see if it can recognize the size of your HD right. If it'd still fail you need to manually define your HD in BIOS (Heads, cylinders, ...)
  2. I've got the same harddisk/motherboard. Check your partitioning with fdisk on the boot floppy/cdrom, and make sure you're on the ata-66 primary channel. It's the connectors just above the floppy connector. Delete all the partitions, and repartition a huge, single primary/active. Make sure it will partition all 43gig, then go back and redo it the way you want. Other than that, might be a bad hard disk?!?!
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