Starcraft 2 FPS lag on 460 gtx

Hello everyone,
So I know that the 460 gtx is suppose to be pretty good. For some reason, my computer only handles Starcraft 2 everything ultra at 40 fps. I changed some settings on the driver (the recommended setting) and I my fps did improve a little bit (45-50 fps).
My friend on the other hand has the same card, same cpu, and less ram, gets around 60 fps constant. I don't know whats wrong with my comp and maybe someone here will have a solution. I do have all the latest drivers.

Computer Specs:
Mobo - M4A785TD-V EVO
AMD Phenom 965 Black Edition 3.5ghz
8GB of ram
Nvidia Galaxy 460 Gtx 768mb
500 watt power supply
Sata HDD

Note* I did over clock my computer to 4.0Ghz but it was not running stable so I downclocked it back to normal.

I know that this setup should run Starcraft 2 on all ultra NO problem. Let me know if you guys have a solution! Thanks
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  1. We have the exact same CPU and video card, except his mobo is a little bit old (ddr2) and hes running on 4 gb. I run on 1920x1080 and so does he. We play 1v1 and he gets more FPS for some reason.
  2. Your power supply looks a little weak, 500 w are you sure you are getting full power to your gpu?
  3. I just bought a new PSU Coolmax 700w, it had good review pretty much everywhere..
    This is a fresh window install when I got my new system, win 7 64bit, again everything is fresh including the latest drivers.
    I play at 1920 x 1080. I have tried to disable vsync and the triple thing but its the same.
  4. what review dod you read. because i read this one and that psu is not great. i dont know what other reviews you read bot i bet they did not load test the psu or go into anydisasembly. they probably just said "it works on our system 5 stars!" please read this article titled "Why 99% of Power Supply Reviews Are Wrong"
  5. Well which PSU do you suggest? I guess its gunna be hard to find one since all of them has good reviews..
  6. So what do you suggest I do ? ><
  7. Well that doesn't change the fact that my friend has he same comp setup and gets 60 fps flawlessly. I guess I'm just gunna have to overclock and see how that works out. Supposedly, the gtx460 is really badass with overclocking so yeah.
  8. ct1615 said:
    lets just assume by that statement you know absolutely nothing about PSU (because you just proved it). a quality 500w PSU can power that system easily, even a quality 380w like antec EW can do it*. he did not mention any brand so I have no clue how you can make such a judgment nor does his system show any such signs.

    * proof - bit-tech

    I just suggested that he should verify everything, and you should not be a rude dumbass(you just proved it). The user just asked for suggestions and the plausible one given was reasonable. We (including you) did not know the any of the follow.

    Brand of the power supply.
    How many HHD, CD-Roms.
    Type of sound card.
    How many, if any external USB devices that do not have their own power supply were in use.

    All of which could overwhelm a 500 W power supply.

    It does not hurt to just verify. It also does not hurt to play nice with others.
  9. Do you both have same OS? Also maybe you have higher AA on then him and not noticed?
  10. Yes we do, when I say IDENTICAL I mean IDENTICAL, except he has less ram and his PSU is 600w (same brand).
  11. So I resorted to overclocking and everything seems to run pretty good now. I also had creep reflection in video setting turned off which made a BIG difference since I play zerg.
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