Problem(s) with call of duty black ops

whenever i run COD Black Ops it jumps into windows within 1 min of running the game. Then I go back into black ops but it jumps into windows again. And this happens over and over again like a cycle. Also there has been ramdom ads on my computer even when i'm not running internet explorer. These 2 problems irrate me ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anybody please
help me with these problems?

My system spec's: AMD Athlon X4 620, 4gb of ram, and a AMD (ATI) 5770 Talon Hawk by Msi
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  1. May sound strange but what keyboard are you using? Certain keyboards have been known to do things like bring up wmp, or desktop mode with or without gaming mode enabled.
  2. random ad's on your computer sounds like malware/ viruses. try booting your pc into safe mode and using a decent antivirus (avast and avira are nice as well as free). Maybe whatever is causing the ads to pop up causes the game to pop out :P
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