Loud & Hot ! Help me !

Hi guys , I have very high temps from my Phenom 955 BE

When i look trought the Case ( mainboard LED ) it shows these numbers

when Started : 40C
when working: 45-48C
when gaming: 57-60C

But i dont see any Huge slow down in games ! But i feel there is to much pressure on CPU ! My Main is MSI 790FX-GD70 !My case has Good airflow ( Green X3 gaming )

EVEN : fan goes TOO LOUD ! its LOUD when i am not gaming & it Goes Extra Loud when gaming !

Now i am looking for Cheap fan , that WIll Kill the Noise or Reduceit for big amount & will COol Down My CPU well , that i see Low numbers on LED !

OK ? COOL & QUiet , but i cant pay too much for Cooler ! for example i cant Buy D14 !

the Coolers i Found are ( but i dont know the Price of Some of them ) Help me to Get Best of them !If SOme coolers are much more expensive than hyper 212+ then remove them from the List ! TNx

Fan (core_contct_freezer120)
thermalright MUX-120
Scythe Mugen-2 Rev.B
Xigmatek Thors Hammer
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro

or you better Align them from Cheapest to Most Expensive , Coolest to Hotest Or LOUDEST to quietest , to Help me Decide Easier ! Crap ones can be Easily Deleted by you guys !
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  1. what is the ambient temperature of the air around the tower? if you have warm ambient air then air cooling can only cool so much. those numbers aren't in any sort of danger zone though they do seem a little higher then others i've seen.

    120mm and larger fans have the best airflow to noise ratio. the same applies to cpu coolers. if you have room for a 120mm it should be much quieter. for performance please look up "cpu cooler charts" as they are all graphed out for you.

    3+ 120mm fans in a case are usually more than enough to cool down a system unless you are running some very serious hardware. the larger fans are quieter because they run at a lower rpm. most of the noise they generate is by airflow.

    are you sure that the excessive noise is coming from your cpu cooler though? in my experience even in demanding games a video card will make 2-4x more noise than any cpu cooler i've known. another source of noise are any northbridge/southbridge fans that may be on a motherboard.
  2. Yes its From CPU , because for a Sec i stoped the Fan by my Finge & Noise Gone !

    DID you Saw my Case ? its Green X3 , 2fans up , one big fan side ,1 front ,1 behind & 2 down !http://www.green-case.com/products/case/midi/case.php?model=X-3

    Now which fan to Get ? i meant Cooler !
  3. Is your CPU overclocked at all? I have the 965 and its up to 4.1 ghz and 1.452v and wile gameing it never gets above 52c. So I would say:

    1. have you removed the cpu heatsink and not reapplied the thermal compound? I know the stock chip/heat sink have the thermal pad and I am using the stock heatsink and thermal pad works fine for me :) But if you take the heatsink out after your first install you have to then add some more thermal paste.

    2. Like the other guy said get some good 120mm fans. I have a haf 922 so I have 3 big fans stock and one side fan 120mm that I added and i keep my CPU cool with a nice OC on stock air cooling :)
  4. I have the same mobo as u and recently solved the same issue....

    This is the best and easiest hsf to install.

    It's so quiet and it fits onto your motherboard just like your stock hsf. Most others like the hyper 212 are very hard to install. It's a little pricy but it's beautiful and it's sure to drop your temps at least 12 degrees all around.

    Just make sure u warm up your current hsf before you turn it off to remove it. Ornelse it's hard to remove from your CPU. And get some arctic silver thermal compound for installing your new hsf.
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