Will you buy Crysis 2?

I just wanted to get a feel for what people think of this game.
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  1. No, at least not till a significant sale. If crytek thought piracy was bad then I hope the feel a real backlash from pc gamers over their greedy behaviour.
  2. By greedy behaviour I mean screwing over their customers to make more money.
  3. I wont be buying it until its 10-15usd, not paying more then that for a console port. Its what i do for about every console port.
  4. Price is most certainly a factor when I buy games. I still haven't bought the last couple of COD titles because the prices stay artificially high. Having said that, I read a few reviews saying it's extremely linear and the texturing is "console" oriented. Games seem to get more carried away with extra gadgets which totally annoy me. Not something I was looking forward to. I also liked the "openness" of the original. Maybe I'll purchase it from the bargain bin in 2 years. Not something I have to have. Something I don't like is the extra "add on" crap.
  5. I'll buy it after I play the first one... which is to say, after I buy a computer that can play the first one. Maybe the consoles are the way to got this time? I'm waiting for the bargain bin first, though.

    Also, I don't understand what's greedy about Crytek... The made the game, you either buy it or don't. No greed involved.
  6. If you design a game, it is technologically ahead of most. You then make another game that is even more technologically ahead.

    Now, if you then for the sake of money, make a cross platform game that is behind the last game you make, then how is that not greed.

    You are screwing your previous customers, who got you where you were for the sake of profit. Not cool.

    Many companies do this nowadays, it does not make it allright.
  7. Unlikely. I am short on a)cash, b)horsepower, and c) the need to play shooters. Interesting game from a technical point of view, although probably less so than the first Crysis.
  8. I'll buy it when it goes $40 CND/USD or less. STEAM, what are you waiting for!??

    I built a $3000 PC for the first Crysis alone (...I know, I don't want to talk about it). I really enjoyed the first Crysis. I think Crysis 2 will be as much fun (without less of a wow effect).

    MP seems weaker than COD/BF series but I applaud them for having a ~12hour long campaign (which is unheard of in today's FPS).
  9. Nope. I enjoyed the first one, although it was buggy. It was annoying as heck falling through the deck of the ship during the final battle. I don't know if they ever fixed that.

    I only played an hour or two of Crysis Warhead. It just didn't hold my interest. The only reason I have it is because it came as part of a steam sale on a crysis game pack a few years ago.

    And like others have said, I hate paying top dollar for a bad console port.
  10. I finally got a computer that could play Crysis and Warhead which I bought both for $10 on Steam...once I beat these games and I can get Crysis 2 for $10 or less then yeah I'll buy it.
  11. I bought it and despite the console tell-tail signs I really like it. After playing this I can't play Call of Duty, it just seems boring. I never was a major fan of Call of Duty online anyway.
  12. well i have finished playing crysis warhead and it was very awesome i think its better than crysis but i wont play crysis 2 till i get my eyefinity setup and REply crysis and crysis warhead then i will play crysis 2 but for me i dont think that im going to buy it i already downloaded it via torrent
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