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What are the highest populated or most played multiplayer games for PC today? I'm guessing it will be a FPS. BC2? Black ops? TF2?

I'm just quitting world of warcraft and don't really care to jump into another MMO at the moment. Just tryin to find myself a new community of gaming I suppose.

Thanks ahead
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  1. BC2 COD4 and Source games; CSS, TF2 L4D, are the biggest communities for PC at the moment.

    Also games like Starcraft are very large.
  2. thanks i think i will try out TF2 i've heard alot about it
  3. If you want "communities" in the FPS genre then I'd say BF is the way to go...much more team oriented game than Black OPS IMO. I hear good things about the valve community (TF, L4D,CSS) but I personaly find their game too old to get into them.

    BF3 community is what I'm personally waiting for.

    SC2 is pretty big in Korea...not sure about NA.
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