p2b and PIII 600 133 FSB

Simple question that I hope someone can answer for me. Can I put a PIII 600 'Katmai' 133FSB cpu in my Asus P2B mobo?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. i have never heard of a katmai chip with 133 fsb only 100,are you sure it is katmai? if it is it is a 450 which does 600 at 133 fsb. i have one. p3 450 katmai 2.2volts at 133fsb in a P2B
  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately I've got the P2B rev. 1.02 MOBO so I can't use a Coppermine CPU. At least that is according to Asus. So I had to search high and low to find a 600 'Katmai'. So if I can put this 133FSB cpu in the MOBO can I bump up the FSB freq to 133? Or am I destined to run it at 100? I have flashed the BIOS to rev 1011. Tried rev.1012 but the system kept hanging up.
    Thanks again!!
    Rusty Luthe
  3. Thanks for the info! I'm running with a Voodoo3 2000 PCI and I use this system for audio work 95% of the time so I'm not too concerned about my graphics. I need stability and speed so overclocking is a big question mark as well. I just want to max-out this board.

    Thank again!

  4. You can run an FC-PGA cB0 or later Coppermine chip with a multiplier up to 8x in an Asus slocket on a P2B rev 1.02.

    BTW: Set the slocket to 1.8V

    - JW
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