Crysis 1 laggy FPS on MEDIUM. What's the problem!?

I've done everything I can to get my computer at optimum efficiency to play this. I'm not a big PC gamer at all but I bought my laptop from xoticpc last September and it should be gaming ready... or so I thought. I dunno. Here's what you're looking at:

Sager NP5125 with Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: Intel Core i5 M450 @ 2.4 GHz (2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors)
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 330M (Direct X10)

Am I missing something here? Literally, I can't even get an enjoyable framerate on LOW settings. What the hell?

EDIT: A couple other bits of info: I'm only playing at 1280x720 on LOW and this is happening. My monitor is FHD. And the Sager NP5125 has a GPU enhancement button. It is on.
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  1. crysis 1 is the most gpu intensive game, but some new games do get close to it,
    anyway your gt 330 is really weak to play crysis 1
  2. Play it in DX9 mode instead of DX10 mode to improve performance.

    Create a shortcut for the Crysis.exe file. Edit the properties of the shortcut and add "-dx9" (without the quotes). Assuming it is installed on the C: drive, the shortcut properties should look like:

    "C:.....\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe -dx9"
  3. Hmmm, you are playing at 1280 X 720 res and still experiencing lags and that too on a 330 GT ?
    Ok, as the others said, its your GPU, and since its a laptop too, you can't play it at medium settings while getting 30 FPS constant.

    Your GT 330M is equla to like the Geforce 220 GT. Personally I think its your GPU.
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