FIC AD11 vs. Asus A7M266

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Asus A7M266 and the FIC AD11. I looked at both and they both support 266 MHZ FSB and have the same chipsets, AMD 761 and the VIA 686B. The Asus is out of stock everywhere and the FIC is available. Please let me know any info to help, such as company reputation or some specs I may be missing about the motherboards. Thank you.

Zoe // Q20

Zoe Crist // Q20
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  1. I know a couple of companies that use FIC but I personally like ASUS. If it was me I would go with the ASUS.

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  2. The AD11 has dip switches to adjust the clock multiplier and core voltage...the A7M266 (which is out of stock because Asus is changing to the A7A266) does not. you must mod the PCB in the latter case.

  3. " must mod the mobo...?"

    Surely you jest. It adjusts via BIOS.
  4. What mods are you refering to?
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