Steam: The best platform for purchasing games?

So I've had Steam for a long, long time now. I like it!

My current computer is several years old... Still have a pentium 4 3.2ghz, windows xp, blah blah blah...

Anyway, I'm building a new computer (finally!) and I'm looking to purchase several new games.

I have noticed that most, if not all of the games I'm going to be buying are available on Steam, although not at their lowest prices. What do you guys think? Is it worth paying an extra 5, or even 10 bucks to have games permanently associated with my Steam account?

I found this, an article which lists all the games I can purchase outside of steam, and associate with steam. None of the games I'm getting are on it...

The list of games I want to buy when I finally build a computer worthy of playing them is such...
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Mass Effect 1 & 2
and Fallout 3

All of which I can buy via amazon cheaper, none of which are on that list of retail versions I can associate with Steam.

What are your guys' thoughts on this?
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  1. I like Steam. I wouldn't pay more for a game on Steam though, as you don't really own it.
    Unlike a lot of people I don't lose physical media and in 10 years I suspect I'll be more likely to be able to play a game for which I own the physical media than one I don't.
  2. "Don't really own it", please explain!
  3. He refers to the lack of physical media for the games, you only get a digital copy, and the fact they are associated only with your Steam account. In the event Steam goes belly up, there is a high likelihood that you will be locked out of your games. (though there are apparently ways around that)

    Technically speaking you don't own the games you purchase from any store or medium, you buy a license to use the software. A physical copy though may have longer longevity as digital distribution is dependent on the distributor continuing to exist into the future to allow you access to your software license.
  4. +1 for steam, I have a great big collection of games, accessable from any pc (after I have logged in). Dont think there is much chance of steam going belly up so im quietly confident all will be well for years to come.
  5. If you had asked me even 4 years ago if I liked steam I would of told you that I hated it beyond measure but over the past 4 years I've grown to love steam . Simply because it's quiet and stays out of my way unless I want it. To add to that they quite simply have almost any game I would ever want to play. If I want a game chances are I can find it on there. What I also find neat about steam is that it is in itself it's own DRM so alot of times when you buy games on there they do not have the standard DRM that is in alot of new releases which I do appreciate. Steam/valve provides almost to good to be true deals on many games except for the COD series especially during their holiday sales which seem to drain my bank account EVERY year.

    I think the other thing that really sets valve/steam apart is they are a privately owned company. Companies like EA/Activision are owned by share holders and they are required to do whatever it takes to satiate them even if it means screwing consumers in the processs. Valve/Steamis only responsible to itself and thus can make decisions based on what they want not on what the shareholders want. I think this makes for a far more friendly to consumer company. Lets not fool ourselves valve is there to make money but I think they want to make money... not scam you for every dollar that you are worth in the process. I could be way off the mark on this but I think it' rings fairly true.
  6. Another steam bonus is they run weekend deals a lot, I got the orange box collection for about £3.50, Bad Company 2 was on sale for about £6 a month or so ago. I picked up one of the red alert games for £3 last month. Steam is awesome!
  7. I have tried Steam but don't like the fact that the program stopped working for me... can no longer download, delete or play games.

    Am using intel 7 870 quad core, 4g ram, gt 320 geforce nvidia, windows 7 64 bit

    Tried all the trouble shooting nothing worked... have put in a ticket am waiting on reply

    I like sites that give unlimited access to games for a monthly fee... like gametap is only 10 bucks a month I think and also webgamegame is only 15 bucks a month... webgamegame has over a 1000 games I think getting new ones all the time... you can do a free 5 day trial and also if you like the site on fb or twitter it you can get a free month of plat atm I think.

    These monthly subscriptions make more sense to me as most games I finish in 1-7 days anyway and then don't play much again with some exceptions...

    If you want to play the games indefinitely I think you are smarter to build your collection off amazon, ebay or even a second hand shop, I got a copy of resevoir dogs for 7 bucks from a second hand store... are a bunch of stores that buy used dvds and games on the main drag in my city will frequent them from time to time and see what I find... thing is though unless I cannot find the game elsewhere or plan on playing it alot I don't need the hardcopy just a download I can play till I beat the game then I am done usually.
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