Anyone ever heard of SHINING FORCE?i call upon toms hardware

hey guys anyone of u guys ever played shining force....if so u got to help me....see i am a REALLY!! big fan this is the only game which made me fall in love with gaming.....see i played this game first when i was 6......also i ended the first TWO parts when i wanted to play the third part on PC i couldnt find it they said u need some SEGA SATURN *** for it......i searched on youtube they said u need some emulator so plzzz help me anyone!
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    Shining Force III was released for Sega Saturn. It was actually released as 3 games that focus on different characters/factions story lines. Only the first of the 3 was released in the USA as one of the last few games released for the US market, but if you are able to play though it fine, then you should be able to handle the later two even though the story text will be in Japanese, because you will have the controls down, etc. You can then just rely on a game faq to translate the story line. I was able to play though and beat the first of the three fine, and played half way through the second one before I got bored and moved on to Grandia and Luner Eternal Blue on Saturn way way long ago. Kinda miss messing with Saturn stuff, but now I really just focus on Nes and NeoGeo Cd.

    Edit: Also, I dont mess with emu stuff, so I have no idea how well the Saturn is emulated, however, you can pick up a system on ebay for a decent amount, and hunt down the game to buy. To play the later two released in Japan on there you can either get a Pro Action Replay to play imports, or have your system region modded.
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  3. GREAT game! Played the fist and 2nd titles, they hooked me up for days and still have good memories!
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