Best Rig for future games & running crysis!

Hi all,

I currently have a mediocre pc and I'm thinking of building my own gaming pc, with a budget around 700 pound.

At the moment I have an Intel pentium dual core processor 2.50ghzx2
4gb RAM
windows 7 32bit
ati radeon 5570 1gb graphics card
300w power supply (I think)

I have quite a bit of knowledge about pc hardware and I have upgraded the pc I have (shown above) a few times myself and I'm just wondering what is the best new hardware I can buy that will run games like crysis 1 & 2 and be future-proof for at least 2 years? Pc components change so fast I feel like I'm back at square 1 so any help would be much appreciated!

Also I'm from the UK so if anybody does know of any good places to get components from or any good UK websites that would also be great.

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  1. Sites like: - free shipping on most products, can be cheapest though stock variance may not be complete, where I buy most of my products - very fast delivery, no free option, stock is varied - not the best place for deals, but it's amazon - great site, bought my case and heatsink for a good price and great service - very cheap and offer a neat build program to buy in one go

    Any system with a Sandy Bridge CPU will last.

    AMD 6950/70 GPU (Nvidia 560/570) is more than necessary for single screen gaming.

    8GB of RAM (DDR3 1333/ DDR2 1066) is considered the upper limit for gaming in any useful measurement (though more will give a 'smoother' feel which can only be felt, not measured).

    Any high quality 80+ GOLD PSU 550W+ will last forever, Seasonic, albeit expensive produce some of the highest quality PSUs around, Corsair are also very good.

    Also I would advise installing Win7 64bit (should be included in the same license as 32bit), especially if you go over 4GB of RAM.

    A build like that may come to about £1000, but considering that's a upper limit for a long time £700 is a good amount.

    Any motherboard by Gigabyte, MSI or Asus that is compatible will work fine

    Something like:

    Radeon 6870
    4GB 1333MHz DDR3 (8GB if you can budget it)

    A case can for now be a cheap large value case, upgrading if it proves too tight money-wise.

    With this you can run games very well at 1920x1080/1200 (I can assume you are using a much lower resolution)
  2. Cheers for that mate, gives me a good idea of what is to come! Yeah I'm only using a 1360x720 widescreen lg monitor. 19" I think it is. Will probably get a larger screen though at some point.
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