Why does fallout 3 keep crashing

Ive had it for two months works find crashed in the beggining than perfect now im on scientific persuits in tranquility lane and crashes in 5 seconds its so fuckin agrivating
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  1. yeah, it does that. update your gfx drivers, sound drivers and install the latest patch for the game, even then it'll crash from time to time. It even crashes on ps3 i have heard.
  2. I have had it on xbox and pc and I found it to be more buggy on xbox at least you can tweak some of the annoyance out of the pc version.

    What I found the most annoying was not the constant crashing but the way the quests would break and you would never be able to complete them.
  3. same problem here. i experienced randomly crashing in my fallout 3 about 5 to 15 minutes sometimes 30 minutes. i did everything i could to play the game smoothly with a hope that the game wouldn't crash. i've installed the latest gfx card, latest directx, i even tried every fallout 3 patches from the earliest till the latest, i did clean reinstall and tried again. also i heard that fallout 3 was conflicting with ffdshow codec, so i unistalled my K-lite codec pack. after i uninstalled the codec i got lucky could play like 3 hours+. but then again the next two days after i played it a while, the crashing back. also i've changed my bUseThreadedAI (something in fallout3.ini file) into some correct specific number cos that was ppl said the problem is, but still the game keep randomly crashing!!!!...i've send my issues on their official website but it seems they dont care. i guess the game is only a bad product.
  4. Fallout 3 is a very buggy game, i have both PC and Xbox versions, and the PC one is definitely the one that crashes more, I also changed the, "bUseThreadedAI=0" to "bUseThreadedAI=1" and something else, but it still won't work. I love the game, but I think it is quite buggy, and its not the computers that are bad.
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