AMD760 Boards - An Incomplete Comparison!!!

I was disapointed to find the AMD760 motherboard comparison incomplete!
Of the 8 AMD760 boards currently availiable, only 3 were reviewed! where were these:
Epox EP-8K7A
MSI MS-6341
FIC AD-11 (revied by anand quite a while ago)
Biostar M7MIB
Aopen MK7A, etc.

please don't accept amature comparisons!
we've come to expect more from Tom's Hardware.
The least you could do now is update the review as soon as possible with the above mentioned boards.

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  1. I agree! I think they should have included the rest of the boards. It is not like there are soo many of them. I am planning on buying the K7 Master next week and it would ahve helped me in the final choice of boards.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  2. I am quite disappointed when Tom's hardware says the DDR RAM would have cost almost double the price of conventional SDRAM. To me it is not. Alright, I admit I can't find PC2100, but have a look at the following price which I have compared.

    256MB SDRAM, PC133 CL=3 $89.99
    256MB SDRAM, PC133 CL=2 $94.49
    256MB DDR PC1600 $94.49
    256MB DDR PC2100 "Will soon be available"

    Is DDR-RAM double the price of conventional SDRAM? Not at all, I should say.
  3. I totally agree. Too little, too late.
  4. I agree with you however you can not compare the price of PC133 and PC1600. Reason being that PC1600 is at 100MHz so you have to compare PC1600 to PC100. In all the reviews I have read the PC1600 performed less than the competing boards with PC133, so it is hardly worth it. I do believe that once Crucial releases there PC2100 stick it will be the one of the best prices out.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
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