ASUS A7M266 probs...

I have a huge problem. Being a newbie, I messed around with my BIOS and now my system won't even POST.

Here are my specs:

AMD Athlon 1Ghz 266FSB
128 MB Samsung PC2100 DDR SDRAM
30 Gig Quantum Fireball ATA100 HD 7200 RPM
Nvidia GEForce 2 MX no TV out.
Soundblaster Live! with latest liveware 3.0
Windows ME
Sony 24X CD-ROM
Backpack CDRe-Write 4X/2X/24XNo modifications.

So here's exactly what I did: After reading everything about DDR and FSB frequencies, I got curious when during the POST it looked like my memory was being listed as PC1600 not PC2100 like the store said. I checked it out and this is what is printed on the Mem stick itself:
Samsung 046
128 MB 16X8
DDR 200
K4H280838-B TCAO

I couldn't find this stick listed anywhere on the Samsung site...

Anyway, I went into the BIOS and set the FSB to 133mhz from 100, and POOF! black screen. Waited for like 5 mins, still nothing. Monitor doesn't even come out of suspend. Turned system off and back on. Still nothing, even though the mobo manual says that if the system cannot accept the frequency change it will boot up in safe mode.

How am I supposed to fix it if I can't even do anything!!!!

I removed everything except the Geforce and still nothing.

Can anyone suggest what to do?


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  1. You need to reset the cmos. By removing the jumper on the motherboard and shorting the cmos. It's easy to do , I done it 5 times on my motherboard trying to increase my speed. Make sure your processor is the 266 compatiable. Mine wasn't. I had to send it back and get the rite one. It has the same name so I got confused when I ordered it. But my symtoms were indentical. Look in the motherboard manual I think in the hardware setup something about forgetting your password. Dont worry it's fixable, But your going to have to check your processor if it wont do 266 it will hang on start up.

    Zoe Crist // Q20

    Zoe Crist // Q20
  2. Thanks. I'll give it a try tonight. Do I have to take the heatsink & fan off the CPU to check if it's a "c" Athlon? or is there another way? Any ideas from the Memory specs I gave above if it is PC2100 or PC1600?


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  3. If you take the heat sink and fan off you will have to call someone with the specs. Mine said it was an Athalon 1.2 GHZ but so does the new one. It might say but the best thing is to call and ask the people you bought it from useing the item number or part number. My memory from samsung says DDR 266, I'm concerned your is only capable of the 200 MHZ, which would be PC1600. I had to swap my memory and processor to get the rite one to go to 266.

    Zoe Crist // Q20
  4. Indeed, the marking on your RAM stick says you have pc1600 RAM and by setting 266, you tried to treat it as PC2100. Your computer won't talk to you know because your RAM doesn
    't work. Reseting the CMOS is the right thing to do.

    The frequency of your CPU is not related to this problem (unless you bought an off the shelf system, where all components are matched - if you did, then your CPU is likely a 'B', too). If the CPU is rated for 266, its partnumber will end in "C".

    I wouldn't take that HS off. It is too easy to crack the CPU chip. You crack it, you eat it.
  5. Hey if they charged you for a PC2100 stick bring it back. You have a PC1600 stick.
    "this is what is printed on the Mem stick itself:
    Samsung 046
    128 MB 16X8
    DDR 200
    K4H280838-B TCAO"

    The DDR 200 part that is printed on the stick is saying that it is at 200MHZ(basicly PC100 doubled by the DDR) That is why it is saying PC1600. PC2100 will have DDR266 printed instead of the DDR200 listed on yours. You understand what im trying to say? Just bring it back and bitch like all hell, try to get them to upgrade you to 256MB PC2100 for screwing up. Trust me you can do that they really tried to screw ya don't take any flak from them.

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