Big Problems with new VIA 4-in-1 Drivers (4.29)

I was having problems with the previous versions of the VIA 4in1 drivers under Win2kPro. I checked VIA's site out, they had new ones (final, not beta). I downloaded them and went to install them. During the end of the setup my computer froze! So I had to manually restart. Now my computer gets a blue screen right after you see the Win2kPro splash during booting, saying I need some files! Safe mode doesnt work, same deal. I need my data on my HD, formatting is not an option. What do I need (disks) or files to reinstall VIA stuff from DOS, or what else can I do? Please reply if you have any advice, be very descriptive.

Abit KT7A
Geforce 2
Windows 2000 Pro (all updates)
SB Live

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  1. I had that same problem when i used bad ram one time in my a7v board, i even tried plugging in a different drive from an identical machine both had win 2k, the problem was still there so i knew it wasnt from drivers or windows install, what i did was boot up on a win98 boot disk, and i flashed to an older bios then back the one i was using, after the bios was refreshed the blue screen never showed its head again, you can try that its easy and takes 5 minutes and a rebot rather than a complete reinstall.

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  2. Let us know if they improve the performance of your machine any. I'm looking to make the AMD system I have more stable/faster/more efficient and I figure that the mobo is the bottleneck. I'd love to hear that the 4.29 drivers work some kind of miracle for the Via chipset! :)

  3. I know the blue screen I am getting has nothing to due with my BIOS. My chipset drivers are what are F**ked, it the VIA 4in1 4.29 that screwed it up. I need to know where and how to install the old drivers from DOS.


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  4. Try setting the bios to default and also setting the board to agp 2x also 100mhz cas 3 setting for the ram then boot and see what you get if that fails post here to let us know.

  5. then you will have to find the drivers that are missing and the location that they go to boot to dos and put em were they go.

  6. Mmmm... IIRC, there's something called "Recovery Console" or something like that in Win2k. If you have this feature installed (I think it's supposed to show up in your Win2k boot manager?) try loggin on to it. It is an alphanumeric console that lets you do A LOT of stuff up to and including services management (i.e. it's a VERY powerful tool!).
    If you don't have it installed, find (or create anew) Win2k 4 installation diskettes from the Win2k install CD (judging by you posting to Tom's forums, you HAVE another machine to play with). Boot from Diskette #1, and somewhere along the menus, select "repair installation". There are options of doing that with or without a recovery diskette (IF you created one). Try playing with that "repair" thing, it should allow you to eventually remove the malfunctioned 4-in-1s totally, which in turn would enable you to at least boot to an unoptimized, but functioning Win2k. From there, reinstall LNG (last known good) 4-in-1s.

    Also, KT7As seem to be known as unreliable boards. Try visiting StorageReview's forums, they have a very large thread on this board's problems (under "General" I think).
  7. I had the same lockup problem during installation of VIA's 4-in-1. Not only on 4.29, but 4.28 as well. The computer would always freeze right near the end of the installation. I guess I'm stuck with the version I've got now.
  8. Try booting with the win2k cd and repair your installation.. Make sure you choose REPAIR
  9. Out of curiousity does your board have the KT133A chipset, and did you have the MS ATA hotfix installed when you upgraded to 4.29?

    I know this has blown a couple fuses.

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