Playstation 3 Slim on Samsung P2250

I am very new to console gaming, and I am planning to buy PS3 slim. I already have a gaming desktop and Samsung P2250 LCD monitor.

I am wondering if I can connect PS3 to this monitor. This monitor does not have HDMI input. Here are its specifications -

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    Oh, wow. What a coincidence!! I've got the same monitor and I play my PS3 on it. It's a great monitor and the PS3 looks great playing through it.

    You need an HDMI -> DVI cable to make it work. I've tried an HDMI -> VGA cable, but the quality is terrible.

    Anyways, have fun gaming on the PS3! Oh, and make sure you check out Metal Gear Solid 4... it's a little up in years by now, but it's still one of the best games out there!
  2. and how do you output the sound from PS3? using the AV cable in addition to the HDMI to DVI cable?
  3. Yup, that's how I'm doing it. Just have both the RCA cable and the HDMI cable plugged in and set up. Go to the audio options (it'd be under "system") on your PS3 and set the audio to output through the RCA cables. Easy as pie.

    Enjoy your new setup!
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  5. thanks
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