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What are best console game platforms for good shooter action games?

Am getting into shooter action games, I currently have pc intel 870 quad core, 4g ram, gt 320 geforce nvidia, windows 7 64 bit but am interested in knowing what are best console platforms for shooter action games like crysis, crysis 2, COD versions, Mass Effect 2, and any other good shooter action games?

Only platforms I know of are Wii, Xbox, and PSN, are there others and which one(s) do you think are best for shooter action games?
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    Well, I'd say first of all that you should avoid the Wii like the plague. That this was not built for gamers, but rather for a casual audience. After coming from a PC with your specs, you will be disappointed with the Wii's graphical performance (it looks sort of like a high definition version of the Game Cube). Also, there are very few good games on the Wii; even less good shooter games.

    The Xbox 360 is a great platform. The controller is very comfortable and the library of games, especially the first party games, is excellent. If you absolutely have to have Halo, it's only on Xbox; same with the Gears of War franchise. However, if you're going to be playing online you've gotta play a subscription fee.

    The PS3 rivals the 360 in terms of graphics. The controller is okay, and there are some good first party games (and some shooters such as the Killzone/Resistance franchises are exclusive to the PS3). I'd say the biggest plus is the free internet service. That is, you can play online without a monthly fee -- and that saved money really adds up after years of gaming.

    Bottom line: avoid the Wii, it sucks (especially for shooters); the 360 is a great console, but it requires a monthly fee for online play; the PS3 has graphics/gameplay that rival the 360, but you don't have to pay any extra fees to play online.

    I'd say get a PS3. It's a good console, there's no monthly fee, and it's got a lot of good games. I personally like the feel of the Xbox 360's controller. It's got more heft to it, and it fits my hands more comfortably. It's also got that Kinect thing, for whatever that's worth (I personally don't care, and it won't be useful in a shooter game). The fact that the Playstation Network is free is the dealbreaker that leads me to choose the PS3 for online games.

    I hope I helped you here. Oh, and if can, play some of the games from each console at a friend's house. This really help you decide which one looks/feels best.
  2. There is no "better" console for FPS if you have been or are a PC gamer. No matter what the consoler owners/lovers say and no matter what you are more used to playing on, pretty much the entire audience appreciates the satisfaction and joy keyboard+mouse provides playing ACTION GAMES (including FIRST PERSON/THIRD PERSON shooters). I would say, stick to PC for the titles available there, and for the ones that are not, go with Sony.

    I say this from personal experience and I am sure XBOX lovers will tell you otherwise. Sony's game console is slightly more customizable than XBOX. Also, for basic online gaming, you don't have to spare cash, unless you want to become a premier member. You don't want that. Security? it's a joke. Wait until XBOX gets hacked next. Play safe.

    With Playstation, you also own a blu-ray drive, which is both high capacity and more importantly, region free. I couldn't possibly play that Cricket game released in UK in USA had it not been on PS3.

    The exclusives on PS3 are really great. Heavy Rain, KillZone, Uncharted, inFAMOUS, just to name a few.

    My only gripe is the PS3 original controller. It's just not as good as XBOX's. It does not feel and fit natural in my hands and the buttons are not as solid as XBOX's. I personally hate Sony's controller, but I have no other choice.

    At FPS genre, however, both consoles suck. It's a strong word, but it is true, especially if you have been playing on PC, good PC. You'll feel like someone has tied your hands in a stress position and given you a controller to play FPS.

    Oh, and avoid Wii +++++1 above poster. No doubt.
  3. pinaklonkar said:
    Oh, and avoid Wii +++++1 above poster. No doubt.


    Someone has to bring it up... Security. Now the recent Sony hack may have been a one off, but frankly it's been pretty harrowing for people like me who have now been told our card details may have been compromised.

    Personally, I'm turning against Sony. Like Blizzard Entertainment (personal gripe), they're spitting in the face of their customer base - removing things that were previously offered never makes you popular, but it seems to be a tactic Sony have going at the moment.

    Just read up a bit on not just the consoles themselves but also their respective companies if you want to get a full idea on which to get :)

    Good luck with whatever you choose - hope it works out for you :)
  4. *delete*
  5. I personally hate the tactics by Sony, too. Just makes them look cheap. It's no longer about the technology anymore. It's about gestures. But that said, if you don't care or never cared about what's taken away, I'd still suggest PS3 merely for its exclusives and free online gaming.

    I'd never keep my bank account details on any social website. If you ever want to buy anything, put it in temporarily and remove it, or buy in physical media and back it up.
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