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I just bought a Kt7 mobo and a 850 t-bird and got my computer all together and running after many hours of pain and suffering, but my computer would still freeze after awhile for no reason. So what I did was upgrade my bios and when I did that I rebooted the computer and now it says Checksum error, Insert system disk. I tryed to insert win 98 and winme boot disks neither one would work I tryed to get into the bios settings but nothing will work, justs keeps asking for that disk. I also tryed to reset the cmos and still won't work. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!
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  1. maybe you flashed the wrong bios and it's asking for a disk so you can go and flash a correct one.
  2. You did create a boot disk with a copy of your old BIOS?

    Just flash the old one back.
  3. After applying a bios update, you ALWAYS get this. Means you must manually go into your bios,IT IS THE NEW UPDATED ONE, and make all the necessary settings. Everything should be fine after this. The only way to screw up a bios update on these new systems, is to reset your system while its updating, which I hope noone would ever EVER do, lol. Good luck! oop, I'm sorry, just noticed that you couldnt get into bios settings either, odd, that you try to reset bios defaults, yet you can't get into bios settings????

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