Computer keeps crashing ABit kt7a + Raid 850 bird

okay... system specs

256MB Crucial Ram CL2
TBIRD 850@850
ATI 32MB DDR Radeon
2-45GB 7200 RPM's IBM

it keeps crashing after 2-30 mins running... actually it doesnt crash, it locks up... the screen locks.. sorta like when you've overclocked a vid card and it locks up partway... but my cardd is at standard right now as well...

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  1. MAy sound like a stupid question but bear with me. What modem are ypou using(if any). I have a similar system and appeared to get random crashes. Finally noticed that it crashed whenever the phone rang. Sodding Diamond modems. I went through a number of stages trying to stop it crashing. I first thought that it was the Virus Scan (McAfee VS5 there is an issue with one of the components which can cause the problem you describe). In my case the modem was somehow managing to use 100% CPU which causes severe slowdown resulting in a reboot. (My system KT7A, 1.1Ghz T'Bird, 256Mb CL2 Crucial, 64Mb Geforce II pro, 30Gb IBM 75GXP, diamond supraexpress pro -not anymore)

    Good luck

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  2. Hey, are you aware of the "4th expansion card while using Highpoint controller" problem with this board? It bit me. Not saying it's your problem, but it fixed my lockups. Here's the scoop:

    IF: You're using the Highpoint Raid controller with 2 disks, one on each IDE bus, AND you try to put more than 3 expansion cards in (including AGP) you'll get lockups.

    The fix (that worked for me): Take your raid array and move the disk on IDE4 over to IDE3 as slave (both on IDE3, one master, one slave.)

    Again, this may not be your problem, but I just thought I'd mention it in case.
  3. Perhaps it is overheating, or the power supply isn't strong enough.

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  4. I have A video card, an ethernet card, a sound card.... and that's it.. and I am using my raid like you said, but if I add another card that could cause problems too? How gay!..

    okay, could the problem be my video card?!? I just realized that quake III is now only giving me like 30 frames per second, at best! that is insanely wrong... 3dmark2000 still runs well, but what the hell is with the drop in quake frames?

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  5. Well, it doesn't sound like my problem is yours, but it's not too difficult to try my fix and see if maybe it helps you. You've got nothing to lose.
  6. do you realize that it is not advisable to use RAID0 set up as master and slave? They begin to fight over the cable and you lose your bandwith benefit of RAID....

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  7. Duuuhhhh!!

    Of course I realize that. But what would you rather have? A computer that locks up as soon as you boot, or a slight degredation in performance? I'll take option (1) any day.

    Maybe you're lucky and haven't run across this problem, but if you look at any hardware forum out there, there are TONS of people who've encountered this. I'm hoping for a BIOS upgrade from Abit and/or Highpoint to fix it and use my Raid controller the proper way. But for now, at least my PC works.

  8. doesnt that kill the whole performance thing though? or no....

  9. Helllooooo!!!

    Are you guys listening, or what?

    Of course you're going to have some amount of performance degredation (althought according to some folks in other forums, the amount is far less than you'd think) BUT...

    I'll repeat: If this is the only fix until there's a BIOS update, I'd at least like to have a WORKING computer, rather than a faster RAID 0 array for 30 seconds, until it locks up on me.

    How about you?
  10. Well if you absolutely have to have RAID, you could consider getting a Promise ATA/66 or ATA/100 card. A lot of people have had problems with the high point controllers and prefer the promise controllers. There is an easy hack for the promise ATA 66 where you solder a resistor in and it becomes a RAID controller. Anyway, I'm not surprised are having trouble with the high point controllers. Many other people have too.


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