Crysis 2 has anyone noticed this?

Hello with all the fuss surrounding Crysis 2's extereme consolitis has anybody stopped and noticed that if you buy the limited edition you get the ability to use a special weapon that lets you create a clone to fool an enemy?

An online game should have a level playing field!

no extra content should give any player an advantage!

This is a nasty tactic to con people into paying full price for a half finished game!

Whatever next?
MW3 you have to pre-order to shoot!
BC3 you have to pre-order for a tank!
ES Morrowind you have to pre-order to save!
Bioshock 3 you have to pre-order to use K&M
Crysis 3 you have to pre-order to use the NANOSUIT

I Think that very soon you will have to pre-order a limited pre-orderable limited pre-ordererd edition of a special extended guest referee pre-post-orderable content pack edition just to be able to play a game!
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  1. In truthfullness any level based game is never truly fair so this really doesn't add an advantage. In BC2 you have huge advantages over newbies just because you have been playing longer. I'm from the counter-strike era of gaming. I grew up during the explosion of PC shooters during the late 90's where everything was half-life this and half life that but shooters have changed and this is the way they do things now. People want to be rewarded for their time playing instead of just playing to compete. Thats why games like MW2 are so popular now. People feel like they are accomplishing something. I won't lie i felt all giddy when i got my first weapon unlock in BC2.

    I would agree with you though it is a pretty shaddy tactic but I generally get my games from cheaper sources then buying them in the store so it doesn't bother me that much.
  2. I agree with you 100% that you should be rewarded for the amount of time spent playing and I also love levelling up and getting killstreak rewards.

    I also can see that you should have some form of extra content if you purchased a limited edition game ie extra costumes or extra single player content or bonus dvd.

    But If the extra content is somthing that alters the fairness of a multiplayer game then I personally think it is a major issue.

    Would it be fair if a fighting game lets say Street Fighter came with a 1 day only pass that lets you access the super duper unblockable fireball thus making all day 1 purchasers invincible?

    ps Im a newbie in BC2 and I dont feel anyway at a disadvantage and I dont see anybody running around with weapons that are only for day 1 purchasers.
  3. Everybody should be equal ALL the time. I can't spend 40hrs a week trying to perk myself up so I can have fun. No FUN in getting slaughtered because developers caters to kids. That's why I stopped playing on line games several years ago.
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