Best FPS ever - I'd like to add another game which was hugely overlook

Hi All,

So I'm sat here, in front of my machine one more night and I'm searching for some games to purchase. I decide to look upon other people's opinions before I decide my next purchase (I might get involved in Home Front by the way...)

Anyway, I've seen 2 threads about the best FPS ever and all the usual suspects where in the list. There wasn't a game series mentioned which I'd at least not played, or bought one or two games from the series...

But I did read the posts, and I was shocked to see absolutely no mention of; Operation Flashpoint, Arma: Armed Assault, Arma 2: Combined Operations, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead (Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a pile of rubbish arcade style junk which shouldn't have graced the PC format... Code Masters can keep it and any other Operation Flashpoint game they try to push on me).

But Bohemia's Arma - This game series is bloody awesome if you can learn to play it - because I've found there is no other game like it (full stop). But, you do need to learn how to play it and some people simply don't have the patience.

This truely sweet game series as a great single player campaign, it's fun too and immersive, but buggy at times. The online community is awesome. The online community have developed some pretty great mods/scenarios to play in as well in player vs player, or coop, even small scale RPG, and player vs player in cross over stragegy (FPS + bird's eye view strategy goodness). The game has a high replay value for me personally because of the many game modes available and I think more people should get involved in this game. Albeit perhaps that this game is a bit adult? But trust me, this can only be a good thing.

One huge benefit from this game is that the terrain (which I believe I read) is taken from real GPS photography, and the area which you can battle in is huge (full stop). If you want to climb a mountain and sniper someone from literally 1000 meters, with a 360 degree view, you can do this. You can do it at night too, with night vision of thermal imaging. This is completely unlike COD:MW2 or COD:BO, I'm not referring to the night vision and thermal imaging, although Arma does this with way better effects. I'm referring to when you're being suffocated in a tiny little area, preparing yourself to be spawn raped, by the very limited amount of people allowed in a game. Then when you do see an enemy, before you know it you're being noobed by someone with the sprint/prone AK74 moves, harvesting their kill/death ratio, the same way they have done since they loaded the game, over and over.

So, this game series (Arma) is a simulator experience, but it is incredibly rewarding, most of the time way more so than the arcade style play of MW2 or BO - unless of course you want to be a lean mean spawn raping machine with more shooting and diving than a break dancer with a vendetta.

Well, so I'm going to check out Homefront - I'm not really sure a rehash of COD is worth £30, but I'd prefer to give THQ the money than Activision.
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  1. Actually, I'll keep the £30 and play Arma!!
  2. Man, all I've played on your list was OpFlash: Dragon Rising, and it's the one game you HATED!! Haha. I thought it was okay. I wasn't sure what to expect going into it, but it was alright. Well, alright enough for a $7 Steam sale purchase, anyways.

    I do agree with the suffocation that is CoD; it's awful. Crouch-jumping? In a "realistic" war? From ten feet away? What a bunch of crap.

    If you're looking for an under-appreciated FPS that I thought was great, check out The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. It looks and plays okay (it's definitely no simulation game, but it's a lot of fun). It's two games in one (the first Riddick game revamped in HD and the sequel).

    Plus it's on sale for $5 this week on Steam. I'd say it's worth checking out if you want a good, immersive first person game.
  3. Technically Fallout 3 is not a FPS, but for the experience the game provides and how immerse it was, I think it receives some praise here. As long as you never, never, NEVER try to play it in 3rd person, you're fine. Maybe you disagree, but it did win game of the year. The only drawback to Fallout 3 when considering it as an FPS is the "heated" moments of insane battle from all sides are few and far between.

  4. You forgot to mention the amazing editor and vehicle warfare.Imo Arma can't be compared to other fps.It's like comparing MS FS with HAWX.Also Arma isn't a core fps as it can also be played as a 3rd person shooter.
  5. fallout 3 is an action rpg...

    personally im looking forward to BF3. as nothing has really tickled me since cod4.
    i tried arma and the likes they just weren't for me its not that i couldn't play them or they weren't fun. they just dint grab me and keep me playing like cod4 did... (over 800 hours)...
  6. Shogo is pretty overlooked. I cant comment completely on how overlooked it was back when it was released, but it doesn't seem to be mentioned too much anymore for sure. When I started playing Shogo back in early 2002 on single player and multi player it was a riot. I'd still like to find people to play multiplayer with. I used to host sessions and play it quite a bit a couple years back, but other then maybe two others, the people I played with were kinda average skill wise, and they got tired of playing and dying so much.
  7. Man the good old days of COD 4... wow it was like a revelation to me. Can you say addicting? Nothing like it still.
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