No USB mouse will work on my pc


I have been unable to get any usb mouse to work on my computer. I have had the pc for about a month now. The mouse I was using with my old pc worked for about 30 seconds then it disconnects, connects in again then disconnects again and so on. I was going to purchase a new mouse but decided to try another mouse with was a g9, and it will not work. The lights come on but it just does not work.

I have tried all usb ports, front, back and on the keyboard. I have uninstalled all usb components and let them be found again. Nothing will work.

Can anyone help me?

Windows 7 Ultimate
i7 930

Any more info needed please let me know.

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  1. Forgot to ad - all ports work with head sets, keyboards etc
  2. What mouse. Which keyboard?
    Have you tried the PS2 port with USB to PS2 adapter?
  3. mhelm1 said:
    What mouse. Which keyboard?
    Have you tried the PS2 port with USB to PS2 adapter?

    The first one is just a power wave (cheapo) usb mouse. The second mouse i tried was a logitech g9. The keyboard is a zboard. The g9 mouse works on my laptop which runs vista, old pc which was xp, so I don't know if it is, but seems to point to win 7? I am using a mouse in the ps2 port, but I do not have a usb to ps2 adapter to try the usb mouse in that port. But the mouse is working for sure.

  4. Look in device manager under mice and uninstall all devices and reboot, if more than one device it may confuse windows.
  5. I done that. I tried the power wave mouse first, it has disconnected a couple of times but has now been working fine for last 15 mins or so.

    The g9 however will not work at all. I uninstalled all from the device manager, restarted the pc and put the g9 in. The lights come on, the pc makes the soundthat something is plugged in, it installs in device manager, but it just doesnt work.

  6. on a off chance, try a powered hub
  7. is your mouse a wireless USB mouse? or does it have a cord?

    If it is wireless a lot of times there is button on the bottom of the mouse that you must press before it will work. You have to press it with a pen usually and hold it down for about 3-5 seconds and it should then work.

    If it's corded I'm out of ideas but I keeping thinking :)
  8. Hi,

    Thanks for the help, but no it isnt wireless. I am still unsure of why it will not work.

  9. Go to the site below, tell it if your 64 or 32 bit, download and install.
    Any Help?
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