Ubisoft Says Nintendo 3DS can Handle Unreal 2 Engine Raises Q's?


Well With the anouncement of the Unreal Engine 3 looks really cool liek the new Cryotek engine hard to tell the difference from a monitor need to see it live! In terms of quality for $101 a unit it looks comparable to the Ipad 2 in some games(Resident Evil:Mercs, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater)! This poses a Q does Nintendo 3DS needs to release a more expensive version for instance Maxed-out at 400MHZ .65nm or Die Shrunken it hits some good numbers as it scales or multi-core it, and eventually don't you think you can run some form of Unreal 3! For the Price of $250 What do you expect considering when the Nintendo 3DS is released you announce Unreal 3 engine hard for them to improvise on the Fly! Maestro DX10.1 is not bad to DX11 Kinda of like the Ati 4890 to the Ati 5830!

With a Little more tweaking on software as the time goes on the graphics will get better since this is 1st generation games! Hard to find complaints at $250 and $101 for unit costs to help cover R&D rather than lose money on R&D a console and make it up on software sales and titles!
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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-NQBKVlUBc

    COOL Video of DMP Pica200 Mikage demo (Nintendo 3DS GPU)
    Showing off an Undead Samurai in the Pagoda! Looks very realistic!
    Benchmarked by Futuristic Corporation! Take a Peak :)
  2. Samurai Chronicles + Resident Evil Mercenaries Looks pretty good comparable, or better to a PS2 In game and Cut Scenes, Need to get cash to buy one to verify!
    Looks Better than A PSP-GO , so wondering if Sony Experia is better than a PSP 2 with two core is it Scoprion 1GHZ and Venus Snap Dragon 1GHZ!

    MY Q is if sony releases 4 Cores and 4 GPU in NGP is this engine comparable with a PS3? To me this looks like an Updated Zork Nemesis Engine which looks pretty good for a handheld portable!
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