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Tiger Direct is offering a deal on a barebones unit called the Soundblaster PC Kit. It features a Creative Labs M003 Mainboard. Has anyone read any reviews on this board or familiar with it in anyway?

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  1. I was looking it over a couple days ago, it has the BX chipset (which is good) and integrated LIve Platinum sound (also good), but nobody has told me whether it's BIOS can support manual settings to 133MHz FSB. It looks good without that, but it would be much better with it. Can anybody answer the 133 question?

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  2. Crashman: It does support 133MHz! For more info click <A HREF="" target="_new"> here</A>
  3. Donnie: I just checked out that Tiger Direct Blaster barebones PC. IMHO it's a very good deal, BUT I would NOT get either of those two processors (in their add-on packages), as they will only run at 100MHz FSB! I recommend you only buy the very barebones PC (without CPU or memory) and separately buy an 866 or 933MHz P3, which will operate at 133MHz FSB (note that you will also need a PPGA to Slot 1 adapter and a compatible HSF)! Then, I would get PC133 SDRAM (preferably CAS2) for it at Crucial, and you should have a really sweet system!
  4. Ther you go! It sounds like a really sweet deal if you can put up with the ugly case. I would go for a PIII 700E and overclock it to 933 at 133FSB using a converter card with onboard voltage control set at 1.75v.

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  5. Thank you very much, CrashMan and IntelConvert. You have been a big help. I will take your advice on buying a different processor and ram other than the ones offered.

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  6. On the surface, this did look like a good deal, but reading further into the link provided by IntelConvert, I noticed that the PSU is only 200 watts! I for one would find that to be entirely inadequate.

    However, if you are ok with that (or upgrading the PSU), I think that Crashman's PIII 700E suggestions are definitely the best way for you to go.
  7. thanks, pvsurfer, I am not an expert on a some of the things that have been suggested (such as overclocking), but the 200W PS that was offered was a given for replacement. Once again, thanks to all for the suggestions and info.

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  8. Ive seen this same set up for sale at ebay. I checked Creatives web site they have no listing for it. Any way dont use an adaptor, there are several slot 1 133 buss processors out there, 933, 1000 mhz for under 300 dollars check at
  9. yes but the 700e is about $140 plus $25 for converter card. which is about half the price for the same performance. and will run at 133 fsb giving you 933mhz.
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