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After playing Crysis 2 single player it struck me it was more tuned for console gaming than previous Crytek games. I have an impression of what this game reminds me of. Whats yours?
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  1. I can't believe that I am saying this and especially after the harsh review i gave the demo but I actually loved the single player campaign. I think it was miles above the first one as far as content and story goes. It had a great length and a little bit more focused game play. As far as the single player goes i think it's a head above it's predacessor but thats just me. I'm sure there are many who will shoot that down in epic fashion.
  2. Crysis 2 Single Player was MUCH better than Crysis 1 or Warhead, I like it being linear rather than TOO big maps that take 2-3 hours just doing one objective, on MP side, Crysis 2 copied COD MW and put in stealth and armor mode...
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