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hey all. like many others, i like to game it up with my friends. All of them have either Xbox360 or PS3. So when we have gaming nights we will play on the 360 or the PS3, so there is no problem playing with 2-4 people. My friends have HDTV big screens, but no sound systems. I really love my sound, personally, i think its even more important than high end graphics. We never game at my house because of the fact, i have a pc and dont have any multi-player games... I'd really like to get my clan over too MYYY house for once, so they can have fun with a pc and an ooobber 3kw 7.2 surround sound set-up. Soo.... i was wondering if any of you have played any good multi-player games on the pc. my net is'nt the fastest, so i dont play online. what im looking for are good games in which a couple friends can come over and play co-op on my rig. I already have controllers, so now all i need is a game that supports 2-4 players. we're not very interested in sports games, more FPS stuff, but plz suggest any co-op games. thx 4 ur time :)
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  1. Split screen and co-op on a single PC used to be quite common, but you struggle to find games like that these days. I think Left 4 Dead can be played in split screen mode, but that's all that comes to mind right now.
  2. ya, not sure y that is... I have not been able to get Left 4 Dead2 to work in co-op. maybe its splitscreen only in multiplayer mode???
  3. L4D1 & 2 have coop mode you need to enable it via the console command.

    Blur is a nice racing game with coop mode.

    The trend these days is towards single screen games, even on consoles asides halo and few other games that do split screen you wont find to many games doing splitscreen because devs rather prefer people to buy multiple copies instead of buying a single copy and having multiple people enjoy that.
  4. You can play FIFA 11 with your friends on the same pc.
  5. Resident Evil 5 has a co-op mode, i dont know if you can split screen it tho.
  6. thanks for the sugestions fellas. i looked up how to enable split-screen in Left4dead2, it said i need to dwnld a small file n put it in the L4D cnfig file. then, do a buncha stuff in the in-game dev-con. I've nvr done anything like this b4, and i find it to be a lil confuseing. could any of you possible help explain the steps a lil more in-depth? or should i just start a new thread?
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