How to make starcraft 2 installer run in w7

my starcraft 2 executor doesen`t start i`m opening the installer it apear in task manager a proces but after 2\3 s the proces disapear and nothing more. Im runing windows 7 on a pentium(r) Dual core 5200. What to do someoane help me. And sory for my english:)
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  1. Try right-click and "Run as Administrator" on the install file.
  2. all installers should be run as administrator as a general rule in win7.
    if it doesnt have a shield on the icon then you will have to use the compatibility options in the icons properties.

    other than that i had no issues installing starcraft 2 on my win7 ulti 64.
  3. Same here, it should work perfectly. Unless this is not the original game, of course..
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