I cant connect 2 xbox's on the same modem what do i do?

I have bought a second xbox for my girlfriend so we can play on seperate screens but i have now run into the problem of having one wireless and one wired and my modem only allows 1 gaming DMZ and my nat type will not open on both systems at once what do i need to do do i need a router or do i need to buy a whole new modem i currently have a Motorola SBG900 please help me fix this any help is appreciated
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  1. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    You just need a router.

    can you tell me a good one that will work with 2 boxes and give me a open nat type
  2. i would problem is my local best buys so slack they hire a bunch of morons and i probably know more bout this than most of the ones at my local stores like gamestop best buy and radio shack
  3. thank u so much for the help man and if ud like to play something sometime ill give my sn and we will play
  4. well dont justify the price find you a good deal like craigslist i just got one with 2 controllers hard drive 11 games 1 of which is still a $55 game at gamestop and some other accessories for $205 so u can find good deals if u look
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