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Will 64 bit make much difference on my PC?

I am currently running windows 7 32 bit. I have a Pentium Dual Core E2160 CPU rated at 1.8Ghz. I upgraded the 1gb ram to 4gb. I also have a ATI Radeon HD 4350. I mostly play Runes of Magic which is a online MMO. I just upgraded my ram from 2gb to 4gb yesterday, wiped my hard drive to start over and re-installed everything. Wow what a difference like night and day. But i am just wondering if i install 64 bit if i will notice a difference since it can use more of my memory? if u need any other info let me know :)
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    If you install 64-bit Windows you'll get all 4GB RAM visible, but I've not seen any appreciable difference between 32-bit and 64-bit performance at 4GB.

    If you have the 64-bit Windows disc already (and I believe if you have the retail box you will have both versions) then it wouldn't hurt to put it on (it's another complete reformat I'm afraid), but otherwise you should be fine at 32-bit.

    You'll need to go 64-bit if you increase your RAM again though.
  2. If i do install 64 bit and i reformat does that mean my hard drive will be wiped and i have to start over again?
  3. Yes, I'm afraid so.
  4. ok thanks for the help :)
  5. If your operating system is on one drive and all your data/ software/ medis etc on another, then you'll be formatting only your OS drive, which will not affetc your media. But applications like games, video convertor's, etc will need to be re-installed. All your movies, pics, songs, documents, etc will remain unaffected.

    For eg, I've done multiple re-installs from 32-bit to 64-bit for this very purpose. However, what I've always done is partition my drives. So if i'm using for eg, a 500 gb drive, iI partition the drive into 2 parts. 200 gb dedicated to the OS only (C:\) and the remaining for other stuff (D:\). Everytime I've re-installed a different version of windows, all my applications which run into the registry get affected. These include games, anti-virus softwares, vidoe convertors, etc. However, my 'data' (movies, music, pictures, documents, etc) which do not run into the OS registry remain unaffected.

    From my frequent switching, I've come to prefer 64-bit (with 8 gb DDR3 RAM) for the simple reason that it speeds up you operating system. While it doesn't give any improvement in games as far as quality or FPS goes, the load time has reduced incredibly! Also, my OS based programmes have started running much faster (video conversion for eg, which used to take like 10 mins per video, now only 4-5).

    It's the additional RAM that a 64-bit OS utilizes which makes the difference as opposed to a 32-bit, which soaks in only upto 3.5 gigs. So yeah, I'd say you go for it. The re-install will be well worth the effort!
  6. Cored17 said:
    If i do install 64 bit and i reformat does that mean my hard drive will be wiped and i have to start over again?

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