Audigy 2 Value OEM Installation CD

Audigy 2 Value OEM Installation CD

I've just made the mistake of buying a Creative OEM product. apparently they no longer make the drivers available for download - you can only UPDATE from the web after you've installed from the CD. This would be great if they actually put the CD in the box...

Does anyone out there have a copy of the CD that they could make available for download?

I'm a little miffed that Creative expect me to pay another £15 or whatever just to get the driver CD. Last time I buy one of their products!
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  2. You didn't read my post did you? :p

    Creative only supply driver updates on the website - you have to have installed the card with the installation CD first. I don't have the CD - this is what I was asking for!

    The only "support" Creative offer is to charge me $15 for a CD! This seems excessive, since it is obviously much greater than the production or shipping costs. If I'd known the drivers aren't available on the website, I'd have bought the retail version - it would be cheaper than the OEM plus the CD!
  3. Just re-read my original post and I realise that I didn't make it clear that Creative supply updates but not full standalone drivers.

    Apologies for being unduly harsh!
  4. I purchased an OEM Audigy 2 about 2 years ago and I got a CD with mine. Also, I was able to install the drivers from the website without installing the CD prior to checking for updates. The only issue I came across was that my volume control didn't have all the fancy Creative touches.

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