The Asus A7M has a lot of problems

I bought a All-In-Wonder Radeon to replace my old G400 Max because the A7M overheat my G400. So, with my new video card, now it's the CPU that overheats. Someone know why ?

The only way to solve the problem for the moment, it's down clock my AMD 1.2 GHz to 900 MHz (FSB133 to FSB100).

That's really painfull. Who cans help me ?

My config:
T-Bird 1.2 GHz FSB 133
Asus A7M FSB 266
512 Mo DDR, Samsung, CAS2
All-In-Wonder Radeon 32 Mo DDR
Network card, 3C905B
Sound card, PCI128
Nothing more.
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  1. Why do you think your motherboard is overheating your components?

    The only possible thought I can have is that your last mobo was so poor nothing ran quickly enough and it was a big bottle neck.

    My advice, invest in some cooling - it'll only get hotter. A good cpu fan is a must, but get a good case too (with good cooling) its worth it.

    **Just added** Also, is your cpu an Athlon C that's supposed to run at 133FSB? It could be your system is 33% o/c accidentally. Check your processor type and make sure that you are not setting the FSB manually to 133 when the rest of the system thinks it should be 100...

    This wouldn't have been an issue if you only had 100FSB board previously...

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  2. your heatsink on the cpu probably sucks. get a new one

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

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  3. About the ASUS A7M266.

    Pay attention to jumper settings. A lot of these motherboard doesn't follow the industrial default settings. Why? I cannot explain that.

    From my side, the jumpers were set to highest voltage for overcloacking. After correctly set the jumpers, the CPU's temperature has decreased to 40 Celcius (with the box open), 51 Celcius if the computer box is closed. It's better than 62+ Celcius.

    My recommendation:
    Pay attention to the jumper settings.
    Pay attention of your kind of computer box (try your cpu with the box open if you overheat).
    It exists an incompatibility with G400 cards (the G400 overheat) To solve the problem, don't put any cards in the two first PCI slots.
    You can encounter some troubles during Windows 2000 installation. Just try to disable "fast write" in the bios.
    No problems with WinME
    3Com's stuff can bring IRQ conflict. Pay attention.
  4. The ANTEC SX830 is a great case with two rear cooling fans. Couple that with a Cooler Master DP5-6H11 CPU fan and you will be all set!

  5. I'll second that. In particular, the memory jumper is often set wrong (it's set to deliver out-of-spec voltage to the DDR modules). This <A HREF="" target="_new">review</A> from Lost Circuits does a good job of addressing the pitfalls of this mobo.

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