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Right so just built my new pc.
processor: i7 2600K
Ram: 4GB DDR3
Gfx Cards: 2x Radeon HD6870 crossfire
MB: Asus P8P67 Pro
PSU: Corsair 850W

So when I play games it occasionally blue screens. Normally happens just as the game loads and i get my first in game pictures. Was playing Medieval Total War 2 and it happened at irregular intervals. Then I tried out Supreme Commander Forged Alliance on MAX graphics and it always bombed out after loading screen as i got in game (blue screen). Put the graphics on LOWEST and it worked fine. Seems odd seeing as the pc should handle the game on max fine and if it didnt would expect it just to laggg.

Graphics drivers are up to date. Running windows 7 64bit.

Any ideas why it blue screens?

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  1. Try one card at a time. Could be anything from a bad card to too much heat, power supply issue.
  2. Just tried pulling gfx cards out and pretty much can see that. Both gfx cards work fine running on their own. Both PCIe slots are fine on their own. And the power connectors all work when one gfx card is in only.

    So the problem is specifically when both cards are in. Would think that my Corsair TX850W should be fine. And its not overheating, def not.

    Any ideas?

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