Can a optiplex 330 run call of duty 4

can a optiplex 330 run call of duty 4??
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  1. i dont no its straight out of the box it was my dads but he doesnt want it anymore
  2. in Google type in "Canyourunit" and click call of duty 4 and just tell us your specs... if it says fail you still might be abled to play it.
  3. To find your specs, you can download Speccy (
    or for a more simple way, go to your Device Manager.
  4. no. it comers with a maximum optional video card of a hd 2400.
    you may get the game installed but it will be unplaybale and look like a slide show even on minimum.

    its an entry level media pc. which means its about 3 steps below an entry level gaming pc.
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