Crysis 2 - random pc shutdown

I have an array of games ranging from strat to fps and in all i have had 0 problems with my current rig. Now when I play crysis 2 at various intervals maybe 3mins or 10mins into the game the pc just shuts down (like pulling plug), I do not think it is the processor or the GFX based on the temps whilst alt + tabbing after various segments of the game, i have tried reducing the resolution from 1080 to 720 but still get shut downs. I hear a click just before the shut down and the sound is from the hard drive. however i have no problems loading or watching or playing any other games black ops, coh, starcraft 2 etc all on high res.

My pc is :

Windows 7 64bit
AMD phenom II X4 940 3.0ghz (no overclock)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 (216sp)
800watt power supply stock model (1 month old) replacement for broken one. (I know crappy psu's don't always perform, but no issues with any other games)
Not sure which brand of processor cooler i have, but i know its a good one o_O

If there's any more specifics i can give please ask, any help will be appreciated

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  1. Additional info.

    Repeated shutdowns at a specific point ( its just before entering city through lockdown magnetic seal, there is a gun on the ground, picking it up forced pc shutdown) retried setting resolution to minimum got up to first use of armor ability, as explosion happened another shutdown. I've never had any issues like this, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling on an external drive but it still seems like C:/ drive is behaving oddly.
  2. Where did you install the game ? On C drive ? Install it in D or E etc. Then report back. Did this happen at the earlier stages of the game ?
  3. I installed it on C and on external F drive. i have also used another hard drive, swapped out the ram. This happens at random throughout the game. However there are certain areas within the game where the happen repeatedly. The shutdown is usually preceeded by a small game freeze and a click from the hard drive. i have just bought a 1tb hard drive and am going to try a fresh install. max temp my gfx went to just before crash was 79degrees. I can understand if the game crashed to desktop but i cannot understand the total pc failure.
  4. have you checked you event logs. in control pannel. admin tools. events?
    its unlikely to show anything other than a kernal event but its worth a look just in case.
  5. Installed windows 7 32bit on a new hd today,updated drivers and installed cry2, ran perfectly but at a similar point in the game just shut down the pc again. Meh!
  6. then it sounds like a hardware conflict.
    if your overclocking turn it down to stock, if you have any fancy usb devices other than a mouse and keyboard. remove them. if your using any audio cards, disable them. basically play with the system config and see if you can pinpoint the problem.
    i have heard though , that certain sound cards can cause issues. as they conflict with crysis's own sound engine.
  7. 7.1 sound built into mobo, not overclocking. I'm beginning to think the error is linked between a particular segment in the game causing a hardware crash. Thanks for the help, ill try unplugging my external usb drives and check to see the latest mobo drivers.
  8. I had the same problem and i just downloaded crysis 2 advanced graphic options 1.6.1

    ran the game through it with everything set to low and now it runs smoothly, no more randmon shutdowns.
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