Choppy graphics with Dragon Age 2

I just started playing DA2 and I'm getting choppy graphics with DX11 enabled. Everything goes smoothly with it disabled. Is my HD 5770 not enough for this game? Should I upgrade or is it not worth it? If I do need to upgrade, will the HD 6970 do the job? My MOBO is the P7P55D and I have a 550 watt PSU. I game on a 1080p monitor.

By the way, do you guys have the link to the site where I can enter my PC specs and it tells me if it is enough to play a certain game?

Thanks! :)
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    I think the game is having issues with nvidia cards in DX11. From the thread over at Bioware:

    We’re currently working with AMD and nVidia on the following issues:

    #1 Severe slowdowns on very high details on nVidia (game running at less than 10 FPS). *Note: Some users are still reporting “low framerates” in the 30’s, assuming it should run better on their PC. The very high detail is very demanding from the hardware, especially when running at a very high resolution. Any of the following can be tried to improve performance:

    Use a lower antialiasing setting or turn antialiasing off completely

    Disable v-sync

    Use lower anisotropic filtering levels

    Disable the diffusion depth of field effect

    Disable the screen space ambient occlusion effect

    Reduce screen resolution

    Reduce graphics detail.
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  4. I have a laptop with the ATI HD 5730. It ran DA pretty well but on my desktop i had an older 9800 GT. It ran DA like crap. So i ordered the HD 6950 from newegg and flashed the bios to make it a 6970. Dude the thing made a 1000% difference!

    It ran it with NO problems on full settings, and i have a Q6600 2.4ghz. 4gig of ddr2 ram and a decent SLI mobo. Ran Crysis 2 PERFECTLY and Bulletstorm without flaws. I was extremely impressed.

    My recommendation - Find a special on the HD 6950 if you can, and flash the bios to a 6970 (Its stupid easy) and your problems will be solved for quite some time my friend.
  5. @ Paintrain84

    Thanks for the suggestion. Now my question is, is there any big difference between enabling DX11 and staying with DX9?
  6. GNCD said:
    @ Paintrain84

    Thanks for the suggestion. Now my question is, is there any big difference between enabling DX11 and staying with DX9?

    HUGE difference, I have played on both, Textures, lighting and effects are awesome on DX11, exploding corpses and blood all over the place, DX9 had none of this.

    I know your running a ATI card but for others with Nvidia the latest Nvidia Beta Drivers fixed huge frame rate issues with DX11 on DA2, installed 2 days ago and my average FPS went from 24 to 55 on a GTX 570 :)
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