Hello Community.

I am getting married in June and have a bachelor party in May. My best man wants to rent a 12 person van and road trip it to some place beachy. I want to travel in style and turn it into a mobile lan party. What are my best options to do this. Some key points to consider:
- Laptop batteries only last so long
- Mobile hot spots are expensive after 2gigs of bandwidth
- No permanent modifications can be made to the van, as it is a rental

I think I'll need to purchase an inverter to last us the planned 12-hour ride, but can these be installed for temporary use? (i.e. through the window, under the hood) Do we need bandwidth at all, what are some viable set-ups that wouldn't involve internet and what games do you suggest that would be compatible with it? (affordable is good too, I don't want any server setup) Lastly, I thought of maybe taking some computer monitors, speakers, and some consoles and doing that whole set up. We'd have an inverter (if a temporary install is possible) but about the monitors. Are there any viable options for temporary vehicle mounting options for 22 inch monitors? (I mean, aside from duct tape).

Please help with ideas. I need a knowledgeable community to brainstorm : D No trolls please.


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  1. No Trolls yay, with a title "BACHELOR PARTY!!!!ONE111!!" what do you expect ;p It IS the internets.

    Anyways I don't think this idea will work.. as the inverters burn pertrol.. they are good and quiet but not what you want... also the van is /presumably/ going to be moving, too much stuff will be able to move /people/cables/mice/keyboards etc, not to mention the motion sickness incurred with a violently moving/vibrating screen in front of you.

    This said, a LAN I don't think you'd need internet, I wouldn't imagine, a 4 Player LAN can be awesome if you have the right people/game. I always found CS1.6 or CSS or WC3, Unreal 2004, were the best for LAN games, they are not critical on player #'s and also are quite satisfying and fast paced, esp for few players. Not to forget they are easy on the system requirements and cheap..

    As for the monitors, screw them into a piece of plywood or similar maybe? and then just remove the board etc afterwards? I would have to think on that a bit more to come up with a better solution...

    **EDIT: Sorry I was thinking of other inverters ie; Generator-Inverters, which I think would be the better choice, as they are quite powerful, small, etc.

    I think the proper 'pure' Inverters will drain the car too much, the Alternator won't be able to keep up, as I suspect the standard Alternator in a 12person van would be quite low... I mean, I am under no illusions to how much power my desktop uses O.o, It ain't no Netbook! ;) good luck btw.
  2. I think I'mma buy this This and a power strip would do it for some laptops over 14 hours. But what about the network set up? Would I just bring a wireless linksys router? I'm kind of a networking noob. I know how to edit router settings but that's about it... As for games I think I have an old copy of unreal 2004, is there a way to install it on everyone's comp with one key since we're playing offline? I remember doing this for other games a lans...
  3. Depends on your but i suggest you inverter is the best for your plan
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