XBox 360 or PS3

I am confused between 2 versions X Box 360 Kinect 4 GB.Is Red Dot Of Death Fixed or the PS3 Slim 160GB.
Well The Games I Buy is limited

If PS3
PS3 160GB - Rs 19000 ie 380$
Uncharted 2 + Tomb Raider Underworld + Mercenaries 2 = Rs 3000 ie 60$
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 = Rs 2500 ie 50$
I will play rest of the games as demo from PSN Network

If X-Box 360
X-Box 360 4GB without kinect = Rs 15000 ie 300$
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 = Rs 2500 ie 50$
Crysis 2 = Rs 2500
Halo Bundle = Rs 2500
I wont use Internet services unable to afford

Which console will be more future proof.PS3 or X-Box 360?Which has better graphics please help me ?
Also suggest me better games.Change any games except Naruto since i am a big Fanboy
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  1. As far as graphical difference between the two systems, the PS3 is a more powerful console and is capable of slightly better graphics. That said, most of the graphics comparisons of the same games that I've seen, the difference is minor. Yes there is a difference but its so small to me its not even worth worrying about. (Its like the lighting on the PS3 is slightly better, but again it is very minor).

    The thing about the Xbox is you are more than likely going to want a bigger hard drive. Yes you can get one later, but its much cheaper to just by the 250G, or whatever the larger package is. You will need more space because as you play and download map packs, add-ons, and other games that 4GB will fill up fast. I am also in favor of burning your games onto your HD which is impossible with only 4GB.

    Yes Xbox live costs money, but a lot of people complain about how slow the Playstation Network is. Many complaints are about how long it takes to update the system, and games. I've heard people say it takes hours to download some updates.

    If it were me, and I was pretty impartial to which console I purchased thisis the two factors I would use.
    1. Are there any console specific games I really want to be able to play? (Uncharted 2/Halo/Gears of War/Gran Turismo/Forza etc, are all console specific games.)

    2. What console do my friends have? This may be the biggest factor for me, because I'm all about the multilayer. So if most of your friends have an Xbox/PS3, then you may get more enjoyment if you are able to play with them. But obviously for the Xbox you'll need XBL which is about $7/month or $50/year. If you can spend $300+ on a console and games you should be able to afford XBL.

    Just my $.02
  2. Well i dont want to play console specific games but i have a special liking towards halo
    My friends have both X Box 360 and PS3
  3. Perhaps you could ask you're friends if they want to do some gaming and try both out too see which one your prefer?

    Also, about which one is more future proof, I think they are both equal. I really don't see new consoles coming out for at least another 5 years (but thats just my opinion). Microsoft spent a ton of money on Kinect and I don't think its a good time for either of them to try to sell consumers a new console.

    One more thing, the PS3 has a built in Bluray player which my save you some money if you don't already have one (but obviously have an HD tv). However, if you're into Netflix it won't really matter because its unlikley you'll be playing physical Bluray discs anyway.

    Some good games to consider that you can get for either console: (These have been out for a while and should be found used for less than $30)
    -Fallout 3
    -Grand Theft Auto IV
    -Call of Duty 4, 5, 6, 7 (I personally like 4 and 6 better)
    -Red Dead Redemption

    The Halo series are very well done games if you get the Xbox.
    I'm sure there are other great games out there, but these are just the one's I have personally played and really enjoyed.
  4. thanks frenchbeard for your reply
    Will AMAZON Ship to India
  5. I tried it but shipping costs another 2000 to 3000 rupees so I just gave up and bought an Xbox from India.
    But if you can't afford Internet services on Xbox then there is very less point in getting an Xbox as 70% of fun on the Xbox is obtained because of Xbox live and multiplayer.I think you should get a PS3 as internet and multiplayer services are free on it and what's the fun of multiplayer games if you can't actually play multiplayer?
    Just my opinion though.
  6. Glad I could help Devil Hunter.

    And ZakX11 is right. If your not getting Xbox Live, but have internet then its PS3 for that reason alone. I spend way more time playing multiplayer than single.

    However if you have no internet at all (not sure how you are on this forum), then it doesn't matter as far as Xbox live vs. Playstation Network anyway.

    I have no idea how you can get shipping to India.
  7. Okay i will use the Internet on XBOX 360 and i can afford it.Well how much microsoft points do we need to download afull version game
  8. If you can get Xbox live then Get Xbox as there are more games if Naruto and the exclusive Halo on it.
    I don't really know how many we need but we need to purchase MS points so it's as good as buying a game.
  9. i have 4000 points
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