Can I use a PIII with a FSB 133 in my MB FSB 100?

Now I know that I can use a PIII800 in my motherboard (gigabyte 6bxds), the processors must be in socket form, because is very difficult to get a slot1 processor. But I wanna know if I can use a PIII E/B (with a 133Mhz FSB) in my MB with a maximum FSB of 100Mhz.

I know the multiplier of the PIII is fixed, and the final frecuency is obtained by multiplying the FSB * multiplier=
100Mhz*4.5 = 450Mhz. (this is what I have now)

I'm supposing that a 900MhzPIII with a FSB133 has a multiplier of 6,77 (6,77*133 = 900), then to obtain the selected speed for the processor I must set the FSB to the proper value (in this case a FSB of 133). But my MB only reaches a maximum of 100Mhz FSB (BX chipset), and I think that a PIII900E/B with a fixed multiplier (6,77?) will work at lower speed with a FSB100: 6,77*100=677Mhz????????. Are these suppositions correct?, if so I think I will must buy a 100FSB PIII.
Please help!! & sorry for my bad english.
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  1. The 900 is 100FSB (9x100). The 933 is 133 (7x133) So it's a 900E and a 933EB. And the Slot 1 processor is widely available. You must have read that crapy article written by Tom's assistant. At any rate, if your motherboard supports Copermine CPU's, get the 700, 750, 800E (not EB), 850, 900, or 1GHz/100 (PIII 1000E, not the EB). All of these are available right now in slot and socket form on Pricewatch. If you need the the converter card to support lower voltages, then get the socket and converter. Otherwise, the slot version is still an option.

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