1.2 GHz Athlon with DDR266 RAM which MoBo?

Hi there seems to be many versions of Athlon CPUs, Motherboards which support them, and DDR RAM.

I want to buy an AThlon system 1.2 GHz utilising DDR 266 RAM.

At what bus speed will the system run? will it 200 Mhz FSB or 266MHz?

Also another important question is what is the most stable MoBo to get for this configuration. Also is there any particular manufacturer of memory to go for?

Thank you so much for your help.

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  1. If you get an Athlon-C and you get a DDR motherboard it will run at 133 FSB (266 Effective). The best motherboard for DDR right now is MSI's K7-Master-S. It's the motherboard Tom used in his Power Box. Unfortunatly, it is impossible to find so, I would for a DDR motherboard get either the Asus A7M266 or A7V266 (A7V266 has VIA's KT266 chipset isn't out yet).
  2. I don't have a ddr system so i can only give you what I "hear".

    First, i would wait until asus and abit come out with their mobo's with the via kt266 chipsets, then compare them to the amd760 chipset-based boards.

    But, right now, the asus a7m266 board seems to be the best.
    Although, it doesn't have any multiplier dipswitches which sucks if you want to overclock. That's why i didn't purchase that board.

    If you get the asus a7m266, you should get the 1.2Ghz with the 133/266 bus. It's the "c" version of the chip.

    The "b" version is set at 100/200, but can be unlocked, (but not on the asus a7m266...bah...no multiplier adjutments...) to run at 133/266.

    As for ram, crucial (micron) or mushkin.

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  3. I agree with looking at the Asus A7M266 motherboard, an Athlon C CPU to use the 133 MHz FSB, and memory recommendations. That will be my system early April. The 760 chipset is working best right now. Who really knows how well the KT266 will work?

  4. Don't forget the MSI K7 Master (w/o SCSI) it much cheaper that the Master-S, if you can find it. Also MSI will be first to release a KT266 chip board with the MSI K7T266 Pro. Asus should be a close second with the A7V266. Im waiting to see what the picture looks like with them.

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  5. im planning to buy a ddr utilitizing computer but i'm going to wait until more options become available and more bugs get fixed... personally... i think you should too
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