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Nearly every time I play Garry's Mod (Source engine), my computer crashes. I'm able to play for a couple hours, then my monitor displays brown bars all across the screen and my speakers rapidly plays the last sound that was experienced in game. I am unable to do anything after that, but a hard shutdown. Any idea what the problem(s) is/are?

Windows 7 x64
ATI Radeon HD 5770
AMD Athlon II x4 240 processor @2.8gHz

Can post Sysinfo if needed

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  1. Used GPU-Z, and the highest temp recorded from my GPU was 66C, my CPU never raised above 35C. I think that is the temp under load, because I was playing GMod while recording. Posting full log link.
  2. Had the computer built about 2 years ago along with the monitor. Video drivers updated with steams AMD updater and AMD's website. Game is updated automatically with each released update. Can't find similar posts :/
  3. Going to uninstall/reinstall the vid drivers...stay tuned.
  4. check your vrm temps in gpu-z sensors.
    also run gpu-z in the background using its logging.
    let it crash and then look at the logs on reboot.
  5. Thats what i did, the full log is in the link in my second post. Haven't tested out the driver method extensively yet.
  6. That seems to have worked out so far, I had to uninstall the video card driver, and remove all traces of it in safe mode with Driver Cleaner Pro and then reinstall after a reboot. Thanks for the help.
  7. Even Tho this might not be it, you might want to clean the dust off of the fans.
  8. Unfortunately that just made me able to play a little longer...too optimistic :( I will clean out the case but don't know how much that will help i just cleaned it a couple weeks ago . I guess i'll hav too keep looking :/
  9. It seems like other background activities were still going (not a full crash) because when I was making a DVD, it finished the process. I'm wondering, would/could it be my GPU dying??
  10. It might have helped some, but I keep running into crashes :pfff:
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