For the love of god what is wrong with my abit KT7

No matter what I do I get problems with my Abit KT7-RAID with a duron 800, Kingmax PC150 128 megs of ram (Tiny BGA) with ATi AIW rage pro, 3com NIC, and aureal sound card. Every time one problem is fixed, I get a new problem. First the computer wouldn't restart when it would crash, I'd have to unplug it from the wall and let it sit for 5 mintues first, now thats solve. So I reinstall windows with only the video card in the computer and it blue screens in my windows install!
Finally windows installs and the TV tuner on the card doesn't work so I figure its because there is no sound card. I start small and put the NIC in and then after installing drivers for it my mouse won't work!!!
PS/2 or serial doesn't matter, windows does not see a mouse. I'm very afraid to put my aureal card back into the computer its something thats actually supposed to have problems with the chipset, the other stuff should be fine.

Does anyone have any clue what I can do to get my mouse to work with the NIC? it was working a few hours before I did a fresh format. I have the newest via drivers, newest ati drivers, and the 3com drivers are new as well. I have the newest drivers for my scanner, and printer as well.

I did not have any trouble what so ever with my asus A7V and tbird 700, but this abit KT7-RAID and duron 800 has been complete [-peep-].
Once again if you have any info on the NIC mouse problem I'd love to know how to get it all working.
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  1. oh yes I forgot to say that I did put the NIC into different pci slots and I still got the same problem.
  2. I had a similar problem on my KT7. The system likes to assign everything to the same IRQ. Go into the system settings and see if you can set individual components to share them. I had to do this with my sound card. If that doesn't work try to reassign IRQs in the bios or the system menu.

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  3. Try this.

    As you have done before start with just the video card as the only I/O card. In BIOS setup find the PnP Configuration section. Set the option <b>Reset Configuration Data</b> to <b>ENABLED</b>. (On later BIOS revisions the option is labeled <b>Force Reset ESCD</b>, or something like that). Do this each time you add or change hardware.

    If it works with just the video card in place install the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers. Move on to installing the rest of the hardware, one I/O card at time, noting to doing the above. Restart and load Windows each time you do this.

    At <A HREF="" target="_new">Paul's Unofficial Abit KT7 FAQ</A> you will find a great step-by-step guide in the <b>Instability</b> section
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