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Question about windowed mode in games

Hello everyone!! im new to the forum but i have been a (anonymous) part of the community by reading the forums searching for answers or even just reading to spend time and learn a few things...

here's the thing... i like to play mmorpg in my laptop... not the most demanding ones but i like to play wow, aion, perfect world international, even DOTA and stuff like that... i used to play on an old hp pavilion 4 but now i bought a samsung with a geforce 330m 1gb... but well, my question is...does playing in windowed mode affect:

a) performance of the game ( i know generally you get better fps at the cost of some quality)... or that's what i've read

b) life/performance of the video card/chip

c) "life" and performance of the processor

but i mean like "small" resolution windowed mode... like mmm half of the screen but "centered"... so one can see, for example, the taskbar and the desktop around the game screen...

i ask this because i used to play like that on my old laptop... and after a year, either becaouse of driver/memory/video chip/something but i wasnt able to play anymore (the "display driver stopped working and has recovered") issue... which i never found solution so i bought this new samsung rf410 (i have low budget), with intel i3 330m, 4 gb ram, nvidia geforce 330m... i dont want to play demanding games, just the mmorpgs i mentioned... but i really want to know if there's any problem by playing in windowed mode, cause i dont want to mess something again and wouldnt be able to play anymore... thanks for your help in advance!! :D
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  1. What is your OS? Mine was vista and with all the extra pretties, it taxed the system a lot more in windowed mode than in fullscreen mode. If you went into full screen, vista auto disabled their other features increasing performance or you could disable them yourself and play windowed without issues. There was a guide somewhere about what to disable. I think windows 7 has the same issue, not for sure though.
  2. hi and thanks for replying :D... my OS is Windows 7 home premium... and yes, you are right, im kind of aware that those "pretties" like aero and that stuff, demands the system and components more, specially if im already playing.... one solution then might be going to classic mode or vista classic or something with no "aero" and that stuff while playing windowed?

    i ask this cause as i said, on my old laptop i did this while aero was running, but i had bad video chip (intel 4500), but now with the geforce 330m i feel "more confident" (eventhough i know this is not a great video card either but at least much better than the last one, and also i think its capable of running the mmorpgs that i want to play) but i dont want to exceed this confidence and end up messing again this stuff hehe...

    i dont mind getting a little (just a little) more or less performance/image quality while playting windowed mode, i just want to know if it will affect in the long run any component or if it's "dangerouse" because im over stressing the cpu/gpu/memory/something hehe
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    The only dangerous part would be a little more heat in the system. As long as you have adequate cooling you should be fine. I think the mmo's are more dangerous to the laptop than windowed mode :P Playing wow on my old laptop for 5+ hours was painful on my legs!
  4. oh so then in windowed mode i get more heat than in fullscreen? is it because the system is also working in stuff like the tastkbar, aero theme, and that stuff?
  5. From the cpu yes, from the gpu I think you get less heat. You won't notice a difference (at least it always seemed hot to me either way) the only thing you really notice is fps drop by a bit.
  6. Don't worry at all, it will not cause any untoward affect!

    Slight drop in performance in windowed mode, but barely noticable in MMO games!
  7. thanks a lot for your answers guys!! i dont feel that worried anymore hehe :p... one last question... i played yesterday in windowed mode and, just for checking, i monitored the temps from cpu and gpu, and the cpu got up to 80C max, being normally at low 70s... is that too hot for a core i3-330m on a samsumg laptop?? i am investigating about it and seems like it's still not close to the max (105 i think for intel) but i just bouthg the lap this weekend and its on a laptop stand with a fan (a cheap stand but still better than nothing i think)...

    oh and the gpu was maximum 68c, average low 60s, so i think that one is safe hehe
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