World of Warcraft low fps on two separate builds

I am having a very big issue with my World of Warcraft. Here was the original problem as I have posted on the WoW forums :

So I had my original thread here...but since there have been many updates since then and the original thread is mostly too long to read I figured I would post an update here.

My original issue started when I built my new computer back in November. I didn't really get to raid till the beginning of January and since I started raiding I noticed very low fps and some stuttering during raids in combat. On some boss encounters I dropped into single digit frames and basically the game became unplayable.

My original specs :
Phenom II x4 @3.825 ghz
ASRock 870 Extreme3 MB (Bus speed at 255mhz, HT Link at 2040 mhz, Northbridge at 2550mhz)
4GB G.Skill DDR3 1333 PC3 10666 RAM(7-7-7-21-1T at 680mhz)
EVGA GTX460(850mhz core/1950mhz memory)

With this setup I had the problems I describe. During boss encounters like Omnitron or Maloriak I would drop to single digit frames and the game would become unplayable. Even when it didn't drop so low it would still be at around 20-30 fps. I was playing the game at 1400x1050 resolution using anything from low to high graphics settings with no real changes. Even at low graphics I had the same fps drops and the game still was very low fps wise.

With this system my 3DMark scores were good (06 - 20k, 11 - 3.8k) for my system specs and most games seemed to play fine(I did not noticed any fps drops near what WoW was showing).

From my other thread, most people seemed to say that the issue was with my GTX460 and some problems with the card in general and the rest of my system. So today I finally received my Asus HD6850. The issue remains the same. Even overclocked, the card is still having the same issue with boss encounters. Today while working on Chogall, my fps dropped and remained around the 20 fps region. This was also at 1280x1024 resolution and on good settings. My 3DMark scores are again good(06 - 20k, 11 - 4k).

I have overclocked my HD6850 to 930mhz core and 1140mhz memory and no real changes happened. The issue does not seem to be with the graphics card.

The only temporary solution that I have that makes the game playable is running a command to disable the combatlog (/runCOMBATLOG:UnregisterEvent("COMBAT_LOG_EVENT")). While this doesn't actually disable it, it makes the game go up to around 30 fps and actually playable.

I am fairly sure that at 1280x1024 resolution and Good settings I should be seeing more than 30 fps(this is after running the command to disable the combat log from showing).

Anyone have any ideas about what could be causing the issue or what I could do or try?

Original thread :

Now I have since upgraded to a 2500K, Asrock Extreme 4, Ripjaw X 1600 DDR3 2x4GB, and a MSI 560Ti. However, the problem still exists. Today, when raiding for the first time on my new build, I dropped below 20 fps. I know something is causing the issue....but I have no idea what it could be or what to try next.

I don't really play any games other than TF2 online...but that seems to play fine. I haven't done benchmarks on my new system...but my old benchmarks are more than fine and the issue existed with that system.

The only thing I have not changed in my system is my HDD ( ), my PSU ( ), my case(Antex 900), and my DVD Drive. I do not believe any of those could be causing the issue...but truthfully I am not sure what else to try or do.
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  1. Do a speedtest on you internet please!
  2. I have. Mostly it gives me around 5+ mbps...sometimes dropping to 3mpbs depending on which site I tested on. usually gives me 5+(usually something like 5.3-5.5mbps). I am currently using 6mpbs DSL from Att.

    Even at would seem that should be enough for WoW. The server I actually play on is located in my city and so I get good latency while playing.
  3. So i'm assuming when you setup these new PC builds, your HDD was formatted and WoW was completely re-installed?

    Have you played around with each video setting seperately? Try lowering shadows first, if that doesn't yield any improvement, try anisotropic filtering, then Anti-Aliasing, dynamic lighting... etc etc...
  4. I always reformatted my HDD. On my old build(phenomII x4) I reinstalled WoW twice and reinstalled Windows 3 times(even tried Windows XP). This time I kept my partition with my WoW intact(although I am installing a fresh copy on another partition just in case.

    Also I am playing on 1400x1050 resolution on good settings...and dropping below 20 fps. Shadows is even lower. At that resolution I should be able to handle Ultra with my current build with no problems.
  5. Whats your latency? How many people are on your DSL line? How much upload do you have?
  6. WoW gives two latencies now. My latency to the WoW server is usually under 50ms(see 20-30 a lot) for home and usually under 100ms for world.

    My upload should be around .65mbps.

    Only my family uses my DSL line (but they rarely game or download anything, mostly just browse)...however even when they are all asleep and no one else uses it I still have the same issue.
  7. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  8. That is odd, on one computer closest to yours I am running i7 920, 4Gbx2 DDR3 1600, and a MSI 560 Ti, I run at ultra 1920x1080 and even in the encounters you talk about at ultra settings I get 50-90 FPS. Two things come to mind, what kind of PSU do you have? It may not have the juice to run the video card under full load. Also what addons do you use, I used to use titan panel but noticed a HUGE dip in FPS so I got rid of it.
  9. I linked my PSU previously but it is the Corsair 620W

    Also I tried without any addons...and the issue still remained. I didn't dip as low but was in the 20s for fps.
  10. I have also installed a fresh copy of WoW...and the issue still remains
  11. Anyone know what else I can try or do?
  12. I have been having some issues in TF2 as well...every once in a while my game will freeze for a sec or two..then be fine for a sec or two then freeze again. This repeats about 4 times then I am fine again. Not sure what is causing this issue..but it might be related.

    Not sure if anyone knows but I played with the net graph and when this occurs I get huge spikes...but not sure what that refers to.
  13. just my 2c, i'm probably not helping, but you've mentioned the hdd is the same. have you tested THAT extensively? done some speed tests or tried HDTune? maybe theres an issue there? otherwise I have no idea. Good luck :/
  14. I ran some HDD tests when someone asked me on the WoW are the results :

    Using HDtach ( )

    WDC WD6400AAKS-00A7B0 01.03B01

    Random access : 13.3ms
    CPU utliization 0%(+/-2%)
    Average read : 96.9 MB/s
    Burst Speed : 225.3 MB/s

    32 mb
    Random access : 12.1ms
    CPU utliization 0%(+/-2%)
    Average read : 96.8 MB/s
    Burst Speed : 225.7 MB/s

    The graph starts at about 120MB/S and by 640 gb mark goes down to about 60MB/s.

    They stated that that looked fine
  15. One thing that I have noticed...when that freezing occurs in TF2(freezes for 1-2 secs,fine for 1-2 secs, and repeats 4 times) my music playing in the background on winamp is still least from what I can tell. I can't be completely sure of that.

    The freezing also happens at random times, I have not been able to pinpoint what action or part causes it.
  16. Because of the aged game engine dropping below 20 FPS in really crowded areas with max settings is common for me (Q9450 - HD5850). Have you check all background tasks when playing? If it doesn't happen alot (The stuttering on TF2) maybe its the hard drive but your getting lucky and the dropout isn't happening in the short HDD tests? Just throwing ideas around here though.
  17. I pretty much play with nothing in the I don't think it's anything causing issues there. I can understand that fps can drop low...but this is in a raid. It doesn't have 100s of people...just 25. One of the replies above has a person playing at 1920x1080(much higher than mine) and at ultra and they get 50-90 fps during I don't think it's the game engine.
  18. I've found that having shadows on high causes a big FPS drop. Can't say much about raids cause I don't do them, I'm talking about SW and Dalaran. I read somewhere else that someone had a problem with low FPS and fixed it by cleaning out the drivers with software and reinstalling them.
  19. I always turn shadows down a setting from what everything else is at.

    I have also reformatted three times and reinstalled windows on my old build and did a clean install on my new build just a week ago.
  20. Anyone know anything else I can try or do?

    * Bump posts,

  21. I have some new checks I have ran (not sure if this is considered bumping?)

    Someone on the WoW forums told me to check my connection and here are the results I got :

    From my modem config page here is what I got :
    To Modem To Internet
    Max Allowed Speed (kbps) 6016 768
    SN Margin (dB) 12 16
    Line Attenuation (dB) 31 22
    Loss of Signal 0 -
    Loss of Frame - -
    CRC Errors 44 17

    Formatting didn't come out great :/

    When I click on check connection it also says :
    Ethernet - Pass
    ADSL - Fail
    ATM - Pass
  22. Some more info about the issue with TF2 freezing...when it happens like I said before my winamp with music plays fine in the background...but also me talking on ventrilo is fine and not stuttering or lagging. The game completely freezes so people talking in game get frozen but ventrilo seems fine.
  23. Would you please repost your system specs and WoW settings. I want to compare them to mine.
    Also, how is your computer connected to the Internet? Direct to modem or home network? Wired or wireless? Shared with other computers?
  24. Currently I am running :
    i5 2500K @ 4.4ghz
    G.Skill DDR3 1600 8GB Ram
    MSI 560 Ti
    ASRock Extreme 4 MB

    I play WoW at 1400x1050 on ultra(shadows on high) but the issue seems to be the same on all graphic settings.

    I connect through a router with a wired connection on my 6MB dsl connections. The router gives wireless signals to the other computers in my house. I have hooked up my modem directly to my computer but the issue remained.
  25. For me, water and shadow quality has a massive effect on my FPS. With medium on both I can pull 60FPS constantly regardless of where I am for very little noticeable difference.
  26. I have shadows on a lower quality than the rest of my graphics...but even changing everything to medium or low doesn't give me big improvements. I still drop to low fps during 25 man raid combat.
  27. I have ran 3dmark and my scores are great for my system. I also use HWMonitor to check my temps and my CPU and GPU load temps almost never pass 60.

    Also the same issue happened on my Phenom II it's not just with my 2500k. I have built a new system for it but the issue is identical to what I had with my Phenom II x4 system.

    I have messed with most graphics settings in WoW and none of it really made a difference. My fps does get a bit higher when I play at low settings...but in combat I still get huge drops in fps and what seems like micro stuttering.

    Also, the issue with TF2 continues on both systems as well. Ever so often, the game will freeze for 1-2 secs then be fine for 1-2 secs then freeze again and this continues usually 4 times. During this time I can talk on ventrilo fine and music on my winamp still plays fine...but anything with the game is frozen for those seconds.
  28. Blizzard rarely but does refine WoW's graphics sometimes. Like when they added detailed shadows. And I believe they added DX11 options. Probably will not help, but I would take a look at that.

    Happened to me once, I used to get high FPS, then one day after a patch, my fps was way low. I checked the options and I noticed that shadows was at the highest.
  29. On my Phenom II x4 I tried Windows XP and reinstalled Windows 7 three times. It was still the same issue.

    I have been running in DX11 mode...and I have tried DX9. And I have tried all the graphic options. Also remember this is only 1400x1050 resolution on a 2500k with a 560 Ti.
  30. I know I have tried it in both full screen and windowed mode with no difference. I have played around with the affinity(setting which cores the game plays on) and I am also fairly sure I have set it to realtime with no real difference.
  31. Don't really know what a linux distro is.

    The bad fps and stuttering pretty much only happens in 25 man raid combat, especially bosses. I have tried it with no addons, and while the fps was a bit higher...I could still see low fps and the micro stuttering. It only gets better if I disable the combat log from scrolling...but still much lower fps than I would expect.

    However, recently even with disabling the combat log I still get low fps and stuttering. Last couple raids I have even dropped to 10 fps or completely frozen for a couple seconds on bosses.
  32. I hate NVIDIA card's and that's why, you should get a ati 6850 it's much better and WoW will run WAY better on ATI video card's it's just a fact.
  33. Well if you look at my original post....I had a Phenom IIx4 and a gtx 460 followed by a 6850 and they had the same issue. I gained some fps with the better hardware but the issue of low fps and stuttering has continued on all builds.

    Also, if you have read anything about Blizzard games you would know that Nvidia cards run them better than ATI cards...any Blizzard game gives an advantage to Nvidia. There was even an article on Tom's Hardware before Cataclysm launched that showed this :,2793.html

    Also it shows how Intel demolished AMD in WoW.
  34. Achtually, lower internet could drop your fps. If you have perfect then your build has a bad part like a gpu or it could even be a virus.
  35. Obviously it's the motherboard it might be minor bad. Or it might be a virus.
  36. I do not think it is anything that I have replaced. Like I have stated...I have tried two completely new builds and both had the same issue.

    My original build was
    Phenom IIx4 @3.8ghz
    Asrock Extreme3 870
    GTX 460 which was later replaced with a HD6850

    This computer had the low fps and the micro stuttering...and like I said before this only really occurs in 25 man raid combat.

    My current build is
    i5 2500K @ 4.4ghz
    Asrock Extreme 4
    560 Ti

    This build has the same issue as before. As you can see both my motherboard and GPU have been replaced.

    As to it being a virus...on my previous build I did fresh installs of Windows (installed Windows 7 probably 3 times and even tried Windows XP) and WoW and the same issue continued.
  37. Mine has been doing this since I have started playing Cataclysm. The patch did not change anything for me. My old computer was quite old and isn't really comparable to either of these...and I didn't get to raid on my new computers during the end of WOTLK.
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