Bioshock CD key activation error

I installed the original BIOSHOCK game for my PC, and I type in the serial number on the back of the manual [correctly, and every time I try activate my game, it says that the process was terminated because the code was incorrect.


The last time I tried playing this game on my other computer, the sound didn't work. I am using Windows 7 HP 64-bit with a Core i7 930, 6GB RAM, and Two HD 5870's in CF. Could there be some kind of incompatibility issue with my OS/software/hardware?

I repeat, I am typing in the serial code/CD key located on the back of the BIOSHOCK instruction manual CORRECTLY. I don't understand why it keeps saying that there is a problem authenticating that my game is not a bootleg. It is a legal copy.

Should I try installing the latest patch for this game?
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  1. How many times has it been installed before, as far as I know, Bioshock has some pretty crappy DRM crap on it allowing only x amount of installs, are you connected to the internet when trying to activate as well...

    Personally, I avoid anything with crap DRM like dog poo on the sidewalk!
  2. Disable the internet then type the serial, if that works then contact 2K Games to see if theres a solution. Yep DRM SUCKS.
  3. normally i find that i should put a 0 where theres an O, simple i know buy i seem to fall for it a lot...
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